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Today Is Our A/S!!!

It sucks its not until 6:30 this evening but I'm still excited to see my baby and hopefully know that my baby is healthy and growing good. Very excited to find out the sex too!!!!
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Re: Today Is Our A/S!!!

  • Good luck!  So exciting, mine is also today at 11:00 :)  Can't wait!
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  • Im so jealous that yours is in the Good luck to you!!!!

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  • Good luck!  Mine is today at 5:30.. how are we going to make it all day???
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  • I seriously have no idea. Im trying to stay busy but that is not working for me so
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  • How exciting!  Good Luck!
  • How exciting-enjoy the happy anticipation :)  Mine was last Friday at 8am..and although it was nice not to have to deal with a whole day of waiting, I had to go to work afterwards and try to focus on that instead of knowing we are having a little girl :)  Have fun and bring tissues!
  • Good Luck!  I know it's going to seem like forever until 6:30 gets here, but it will be worth it!

    I don't have mine until the end of next month, but I made sure to schedule it at 9 a.m. (earliest I could).  :-)

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