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XP: T&P's for SIL

I have posted a couple of times about my SIL on here. She is 18 weeks, 2 days pregnant with triplets and needs some major prayers sent her way. She has been in the hospital for preterm labor since Saturday. They got the contractions and dilation under control (for the most part), but have discovered that she has an infection in the amniotic fluid. General wisdom requires the immediate delivery of the babies, but her amazing OB is racing against the clock to try and find any alternative. Please, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This was her last chance for IVF and besides the infection, the babies are perfect and healthy in every way.

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Re: XP: T&P's for SIL

  • Oh god, that is bad. I hope her doctor can figure out a way to save them. They are in my thoughts.
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  • Oh no...lots of T&P's!
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    How scary :(  Lots of T&Ps for your SIL.

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  • T&p's for your SIL. So scary, I hope they figure out a way to help them.
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