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transitioning twins to toddlers beds and sharing room

For those of you that have already done this, how did your LO's do with sharing a room in beds. I am worried they won't sleep and keep each other up at night and during naps. Just wanted to get some thoughts from MoM's who have been here.

Re: transitioning twins to toddlers beds and sharing room

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    Do you want the truth?  Tongue Tied

    Because yeah, it sucked.  Other than the newborn stage, it was seriously the worst time for us (especially for me since I was a SAHM at the time so I had to deal with naps and bedtime).  We took them out of cribs at 2yo and we finally gave up on them sharing a room at 2.5 and separated them.  It was 6 months of sleeping hell.  

    I would go ahead and try it out, but be prepared with a backup plan in case it doesn't work out.

    Oh [email protected]  I saw the heading of this post and thought YAY! someone will say what worked and that what you experienced didn't happen!  H is really starting to look like she'll be climbing out we're still formulating our plan A while we have time.  Guess we might need plan B (and maybe a C just for good measure)! 

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    In our situation, it turned out night.  Once we cover them up at night, they are in bed.  Sometimes someone will fuss for a little bit, but they stay in bed 99% of the time.  When they wake up in the mornings they basically stay in bed for the most part too and play.  

    Naps are a completely different story, but I think we were in trouble before we transitioned to toddler beds.  They sleep great at daycare during the week, but on the weekends they will play (and not stay in bed) for quite a while.  However, they were pretty much doing that in their cribs too (other than the getting out of bed part of course!).  I've basically either resigned myself to driving around if they really need a nap or just enjoying them falling asleep relatively early on weekend nights. :-)  

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  • We didn't really have any issues.  Sure, there are days here and there where I have to go in at nap time and remind them once or twice that they're supposed to be sleeping or reading in bed, not playing leap frog.  Sometimes they even like to share a bed, which I'm cool with as long as they're both fine with it, and both sleeping not playing.  It wasn't a problem for us. 
  • We just did this a few weeks ago.  My boys already weren't napping so that wasn't an issue.  The first few nights were tough.  I had to stand outside their door for a few nights and keep going in and putting them back in bed.  One night I went in and told them to go to sleep and one of them told me, "but mom, we are having too much fun".  Once they were asleep it was fine, no one ever got up.  But they are a lot better now and wasn't too bad in retrospect.  However, I would wait as long as you possibly can.
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  • Whenever this question arises, I like to respond with a link to a blog post describing our first day of big girl beds. 


  • First, naps for us went to hell around 2.5.  If I want them to nap, I need to sit in their room until they fall asleep.  I moved their nap back a bit, and now I only sit in their for 15 minutes or so.  It's worth it to me because we're all happier with a nap in.

    We moved to toddler beds just before three.  One of my girls climbed out of her crib once, but I nipped that in the bud quickly because I was dreading this transition.   At that age, we had a few weeks of transition but it wasn't too bad.  Now though, they've started to love playing together during the day which continues into the night.  It takes usually around an hour for them to fall asleep.  I refuse to sit in their room and police this, since they need to learn how to do this on their own eventually.  Some nights it's not too bad, other nights they drive me bonkers because they are out of their room every five minutes telling me something.  Once they're asleep, they're out for the night though.

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