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I meant to tell you ladies this already but I guess I'll tell you now.  Starting July 1 the NC Transportation Museum will start charging admission.  It will be $10 per adult and $6 per child (I think 2 and under is free).  This fee will include their 20-30 minute train ride.

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  • Wowza!  Thanks for the heads up.  We visited last summer and LOVED it.  I was thinking of taking my parents there at the end of July, but it's a little steep since I know E has the attention span of a gnat.  I totally understand the need to charge admission, but to start at $10 seems high (and even $6 for a toddler isn't cheap!).
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  • I saw that this morning : ( At least it includes the train ride though so it's really not that much more and we always pay for the train when we go anyway. I'm surprised they haven't needed to charge before now. Any idea how they will regulate the admission? Pay at the gate before parking? I can see a lot of people slipping through if it's the honor system to park then go to the station to pay.

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