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refusing milk

DS is almost 13mo, I still nurse 2x a day but he gets cow milk (sometimes mixed with BM) the rest of the time. He gets it in a straw cup, which he knows how to use very well! But lately, he's been refusing it. He either won't take it at all or he'll drink a little bit and then shake his head or just push it away; sometimes he'll drink it and then dribble it out. I am thinking it's a stage and in a week or 2 he'll start drinking it again. He's eating well. Any other thoughts? I hope I'm right!!


Re: refusing milk

  • Mine did this - when I switched from BM to cow's milk, he would take it out of a bottle but refused it out of cups - straw AND sippy - which was funny, because he happily drank water out of both. Probably not what you want to hear but he went milkless until about 18 months - we just had to make sure he got lots of cheese, yogurt, etc. He drinks it now, but still only about 8 oz per day. He's just not a big fan, which is funny because I LOVE milk and would drink it all day long.
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  • uh-oh... this is not what I wanted to hear! this kid has never meet a food he's not liked, I really hope he comes around. Did you try other milks? hemp? goat?


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  • We didn't, because he didn't have any intolerance issues and our ped wasn't really worried about it since he was eating cheese and yogurt. Lots of people recommended doing half chocolate milk for a while and that's actually what got him back into drinking it! He drinks it plain now but it took about 6 months. I didn't want him drinking all the sugar so I just used a bit of Ovaltine.
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  • My DD did a milk strike when we switched.  She went from 24 ozs of breast milk to barely drinking 8 oz of milk.  We upped her cheese and yogurt and within a few weeks she was drinking more milk and withing 2-3 months when I fully weaned her she was back to her previous level.
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