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Hospital Tour - Questions to ask?

I'm going on a tour of the hospital in 2 hours.  What are some questions I should ask?  Here's what I've got so far:

I'm aiming for a med-free deliver (no epi, or meds to speed up labor).

- Are there any tubs to labor in, or birthing balls provided?
- What's the policy on fetal monitoring?
- Would I be constricted to the bed or can I walk around?
- What's the policy on food and drink during labor?
- Is pitocin routinely given to deliver the placenta?
- What's the policy on IV/heplock?
- Can the baby stay in my room for all tests?


Re: Hospital Tour - Questions to ask?

  • I would ask if it's possible to have the baby in your arms and bf right away, if that's your plan.  I assumed that is what happened at all births and ended up having the baby put on my chest for a few minutes and then moved to the other side of the room to be cleaned up and checked out.  I know that some people have had the apgars, clean-up, and anything else, done while mom holds the baby.  

    Also, have you looked at the hospitals website?  Sometimes they have a lot of good info on there.  Such room setups. 

     I would also ask what level of care they are able to provide a distressed baby.  I had a full term baby that had immature lungs and had to be moved to a different hospital.  Totaly oversight on my part. 


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