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C-section mommas got a question?

How many c-section have you had? Thinking of having more childre
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Re: C-section mommas got a question?

  • I've had 2 c/s. I'd like at least 1-2 more children, working on #3 right now.
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  • I've had one c/s and am trying vbac for this labor.
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  • This will be my 2nd and final c-section.
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  • I will be having my second c-section in less than a year with this LO.  My concern is that I want more than 3 kids (which is the # of c-sections they recommend) but my dr told me that he has performed #5 & #6 c-sections that month on different women.  Each person is different and each surgery is different, so it all depends on your history, but you should be able to have multiple c-sections.  Good luck!
    We are having Irish Twins!!! Our sweet little girls will be 10.5 months apart! BabyFruit Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • This will be my second c-section. I ultimately would like to have one more child, but we may be done after this one.
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  • I've had one and will have another one with this baby.  I would like to have 3 babies total.


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    RA with Sjogren's Syndrome. Risk of heart block in newborn. Age: DH and I are both 38.
    BFP #1: 11/25/2007, EDD 7/28/2008 - Missed m/c (blighted ovum) 12/6/2007 6w3d, D&C 1/3/2008.
    BFP #2: 4/2008 - Natural m/c at 6w.
    Met with RE in 5/2008 full cycle analysis and SA normal. Not considered high risk for blood clots but prescribed 1 baby aspirin a day precautionary during TTC and Progesterone suppositories during 1st trimester of pregnancy.
    BFP #3: 10/17/2008. EDD 6/23/2009,  Third time's the charm! Healthy baby boy born 6/27/2009 via emergency c-section.
    BFP #4: 6/14/2011. Healthy baby boy born 2/16/2012 via elective c-section.
    BFP #5: 1/15/2014. EDD 9/22/2014. 
    2/17/14:.We have a BABY!!! Heart rate 167 and measuring on time. 3/10/14 u/s #2 baby measuring perfectly at 12 weeks at heart rate of 166. NT u/s was normal. Maternit21 blood draw on 3/5/14. Results back on 3/19 - Normal.  It's a BOY!!!  4/10/14 at 16 weeks, 3 days discovered baby's heart stopped at 15 weeks, 6 days. D&C 4/11/14.  Pathology results were all normal.  New information on 8/11/14 - blood test revealed 1/3 of babys blood was in mine caused, most likely, by a tear in the placenta from extreme coughing.  Doctor believes this to be the cause of death.  Repeat D&C and Hysteroscopy scheduled for 8/19/14.  My Chart

  • eesomeeesome member

    I had one c-section, and will be having another with this baby. We don't plan to have anymore than two kids, so this is it for us.



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  • Thank u all for youre comments I will be asking my obgyn what he thinks in my history if ill be able to have More
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