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Really? Purple Stretch Marks

I have a vanity question...I have had the white stretch marks for about 6 weeks now.  I'm not pleased, but they were under my belly button low and they were just white.

Now I have purple ones crawling up higher and higher on my stomach.  I'm super bummed about it.  My question is, do they fade to white?  I'm no super model and for sure didn't have a perfect body but purple stretch marks?  Not so much.

Thanks ladies.  I know it's for a good reason, but I don't have to like it right?

Re: Really? Purple Stretch Marks

  • They'll fade. No worries :)
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  • They fade to white then to silver.

    But they still SUCK big time.  Feel free to have a pity party on my behalf. 

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  • These answers make me feel a lot better!! I'm not super vain or anything, but I've always been thin and am terrified that I'll never have a nice stomach again. I've just started getting light pink/purplish stretch marks below and around my bellybutton in the past week or two, and even though I really thought it wouldn't bother me when they showed up, it does. I just keep telling myself it's for such a WONDERFUL cause and that helps, but I'm still a little sad about them Sad
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