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Question re: potty training

I know Allie is ready to potty train, she is just stubborn.  Anyways, I am going to try this weekend as I have a 4 day weekend with her.  Take away diapers for the days, put her in panties.

Something I am concerned about though, she has to be 2 weeks accident free before I can send her to daycare in panties.  They'll want her in pull ups for 2 weeks.  If I train her this weekend with panties, pull ups for nights and possible naps... how will that work if I have to put her back in pull ups for daycare?  Won't she revert to peeing in her pullups?

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Re: Question re: potty training

  • I doubt it. I had to put Zoe in a swim diaper the other day to go to the pool and she threw a fit. "No diaper. Zoe big girl." I was putting my sunscreen on when she said, "potty now." I took her to the bathroom and she went, even though she had the swim diaper on. Once they don't sit in it all day, they don't want to sit in it anymore.
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  • I put pull-ups on Keira duing our trip to the beach (3 hour car trip) and she told us when she had to go potty and we stopped to let her go. She does, however, pee/poop in them at nap and at night.

    That really sucks daycare won't work with you more. I will say though, after day 5 Keira was good to go. But she was in panties, not in pull-ups.

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  • When we went to put a swim diaper on Natalie after she just learned to use the potty, I called them "swim underwear" which she liked.  She also didn't seem to have an issue still telling us when she had to use the potty at that point.  Maybe call them "daycare underwear" or something and just keep reiterating that she has to tell you when she has to go to the bathroom.  I wouldn't even let on that she could pee in them.  Like others said, once she knows how nice it is to stay dry, she'll probably try to avoid sitting in a wet pull-up.  Good luck!

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  • I guess I'm the odd one out, but J does treat Pull-Ups almost like a diaper. He does feel the wetness & pulls it away from him after he pees. He's gotten better about it recently (he's gotten much better at potty training recently), but especially at first he would pee just like a diaper. 

    Hopefully Allie will be like the other little ladies!

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