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BFing question (update)

I have an area on one breast that is slightly painful to the touch.  Makes me think there is a clogged duct but I can't find a hardened spot anywhere.  I am doing heat, massage, and advil to see if that helps (and of course continuing to nurse on that side).  But I'm a bit stumped here because in the past when I've had a clogged duct it was very obvious--really hard spot that corresponded with the pain.  Am I missing anything here?

I am unfortunately very familiar with both mastitis and clogged ducts--had about 8 weeks with Scott where I had one or the other or both going on.  I don't think it's mastitis.

I'd appreciate any ideas!  :)

Update:  Well, it seems to have gone away thank goodness.  So maybe it was the start of a clog or something?  or a clog that only happened in between 2 feedings?  Whatever the case, I'm glad I'm not sore anymore!  Thanks for the ideas ladies.




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Re: BFing question (update)

  • narknark member
    Maybe it's like partially clogged?? I do think I had some times like this with DD. I'd just keep doing what you're doing.

  • there was a week I could have sworn I had a clogged duct did everything to soften it but could not figure it out.  Then overnight the pain went away.  It could be nothing but just keep an eye on it.
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  • I had something similar but my nipple was also red. I called my OB and they called me in something. DS also had thrush though. Are you pumping too? I also noticed that when I was pumping more to up my supply more breasts were always sore on the upper outside area.
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