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A Birth Story: Damian Flores

      On Friday, March 4th, I discovered that I was leaking amniotic fluid. I didn't know for sure so I passed it off as me peeing myself. After all, my baby wasn't due for another week, On Sauturday, March 5th, my fiancee and I decided to have sex which I felt was very discomforting. I wasn't enjoying it as usual and afterwards water started pouring down my legs but I though nothing of it, I knew it wasn't sperm because my fiancee wore a condom. So throughout the day water kept gushing out and I told my fiancee that my water was breaking but he simply said I was peeing myself. After a while of it just gushing out I went to the bathroom and texted him telling him to check the chair I was sitting in and that I soaked it. I was also having pains in my back and I was timing it but my fiancee just said it was probably the baby's weight putting pressure on my back, but why would the presure come every 10 minutes? So anyways after I texted him that he called his mom and she drove us there and he was completely freaking out. When we got to the hospital I asked him if he was nervous and he said "Don't talk to me right now"

   When we got there we went to the Birthing center and they took me to the room where the nurse checked me and confirmed that my water broke and that I was 1 1/2 centimeters dialated. After that I went to go to the bathroom and my mucus plug came out. It was time. They brought me into this one room where  I was to have my son and they told me that I'd have to wait before they get the petocin ready for me. They gave my some type of drug that makes you loopy and I somehow flipped off my Grandmother for no reason. Anywho the nurse told me to get some rest and my fiancee was holding my hand and everytime I'd start to drift off, he'd squeeze my hand, which pissed me off because I NEEDED some rest!!! Other than that, the drug made my nose itchy so every few seconds I'd find myself scratching my nose.   

      After a while, they told my mother, my Grandmother, and my fiancee's mom to leave and that they'd call them when it was time. At 12:00 am(I arrived at the hospital around 7 pm) they decided to give me petocin and another dosage of that drug(which didn't have any effect on the contractions) and the contractions stated coming like bullets. I had back labor which felt like a humongous train was runing over my back(not that I know how that feels like) and it got so unbearable that I begged my fiancee to kill me. He kept reasuring me that it was fine but he didn't know!!! He wasn't going through this pain!!! Everytime the nurse would come in, I'd beg her to check me! After 2 hours of suffering, the nurse came in, checked me, told me I was 4 cm and that I could get the epidural now. After the epidural, it was heaven. My legs or lower body for that matter didn't exist. I did however find the catheter annoying so I avoided turning over. I then got some sleep (2 hours) and when the nurse came in I woke up and heard my fiancee snoring like a bear! I apologized for his obnoxious snoring and she said it was normal. She checked me and I was at 5 cm, I was kinda shocked, 5 cms after 2 hours?!?!?

       After 10 minutes, she came and checked me again and I was 7 cms, it was time. She called everyone up and they came right in time to get there for the show. I felt very uncomfortable, like I needed to go # 2 but really I was gassy. They told me not to push but I was soo gassy it just came out. When they did tell me to push, my Grandmother was holding my left leg up while my fiancee held up my right leg, It was hell!!!! I held my breath for 10 seconds and pushed as hard as I could, I was too worried that I was going to poop myself in the birth process so I kept asking the nurse if I did. I didn't so I proceded. After like 3 pushes, my son was crowning and my fiancee took one look and his mother said "Honey, you don't look too well." I glanced up to see his face, white as a ghost! He went and sat down while my mom grabbed my leg. 2 pushes later, my son was born. He came so fast, the nurse had to deliver him.  I saw them pull him up and when I saw his parts, I was like "Oh yes, it's a boy alright" they took him to his tiny little bassinet thing where everyone went to as I sat there being sown up by the doctor who finally decided to show up. As she was sewing me up, as I mentoned earlier I was gassy, I started farting non-stop in her face and she looked at me like she was saying "Really?" and I apologized and she said "It happens all the time", and after that she put the face mask on. Everyone was blocking my view of my son  which kind of pissed me off because I wanted to see him. When they brought him to me, he was all bundled up and cozy and they laid him on my chest. My heart lit up at that moment. After an hour or so, the lactation nurse came in and literally spent the hour trying to get my son latched on, which I was to find out later that he couldn't latch on so for 2 months I had to pump(I had to stop due to 2 breast infections). My son means the world to me and even though I'm a teen parent, I managed to take care of a newborn and do my school work. I graduated high school on June 2nd and my 3 month old son was there.  I'm young, but nothing in this world compares to my son! He's my everything, the boy who'll love me unconditionally, the boy who will one day be a man and who I'll see graduate from high school, college, and watch as hewaiting at the alter for his wife to join him. He's special to me because I've never felt this much in love with someone or something. Something about him get's me, his smile, his hazel-green tint eyes. I love my son and nothing in this world can stop me from loving him!!!


Damian Daniel Flores- Born: March 6, 2011, 6:55 am, 6lbs. 1oz.



Damian at 3 months

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