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How long did your LO use sippy cup?

My boys use regular cups during meals but still use a straw sippy cup to have water around the house or if we are out and about in the car or something.

Over the past couple months they keep chewing up the straws and I've thrown them out. Now I only have a few left and I'm debating buying replacements but am not sure how long I will really need them.

When did your LO stop using sippys?  

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Re: How long did your LO use sippy cup?

  • Lucas can't be trusted - we still use sippy cups when I don't feel like being "right there" to avoid a milk dump out situation.
  • Madelyn still uses a sippy regularly.  We're working on a normal cup at night when we're doing our bath/bedtime routine and she's just fresh out of the bath and wanting water when she brushes her teeth and her water before bed time.
  • We still use sippy's at home - but just started using real cups at school (and he has to do his own dishes! I ? Montessori)

    What about switching over to higher quality steel water bottles? Still spill-proof, but way more "grown-up". That's where I see us heading after age 2.

  • We switched at 2.5.  I still give a sippy/Sigg of water to keep on his nightstand and if he's running around playing.
  • Ben is 4.5 and still uses them around the house. He can drink out of a real cup Just fine and he does for meals. But for around the house it's a sipy or else it would be all over the floor. He does have sigg type water bottles and a super cool batman thermos with a straw. Although I'd still classify all of those as sippy type deals. Still spill proof containers.
  • Both my kids hated the bottle and switch exclusively to sippys at 10-11 months for their BM at daycare.  (they liked it on tap)  :)  Audrey had the sippy until about age 2 for walking around the house but Rye has been done with sippys since 18 months. 

     I do have a water bottle that could be called a sippy cup since it has a spout, but it's a kind you ahve to bite in order to get water out.  (From REI) I only allow water in that and all other liquid is in regular cups. 

    It depends on you and how you see it going for you family. I was happy to see sippys go away.  Of course you trade out...sippys bye-bye, cutesy little cups in.  :)

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  • I should add that Ben probably wouldn't have regular sippies at all now except that I have tehm for Cooper too, and I want to protect Ben's drinks from being knocked around by Cooper too.   

    Ben also rarely drinks much with meals so I really need him to drag drinks around with him all the time. 

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