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website for agency/lawyer reviews?

In researching agencies, lawyers, facilitators, etc, has anyone found a good website that is reputable and gives solid reviews of specific places/people? 

I'm finding it hard to find one place to go where I can really trust the reviews. 


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Re: website for agency/lawyer reviews?

  • I had the same difficulty - I don't really think there is one, unfortunately.

    I did join the AARD (domestic adoption) Yahoo group and have found that to be helpful. It's not a ton of info on every agency, but there's a lot of info on there and you can also ask the group questions, too. Good luck!

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  • I know the BBB has agencies since they're a business, but I don't think they would have lawyers.

    I'd love to find a database or something, there has to be something like that out there?!



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  • The best I've found is the aforementioned "AARD" (Adoption Agency Research ? Domestic) yahoo group, and it's counterpart for international agencies "Adoption Agency Research."  Those groups are dedicated to giving honest feedback on agencies.  You can ask about the agencies you are interested in directly, and also search their archives and files.  I found particularly vital information on the international group board.

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