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Intro & a few agency questions

Hi Ladies,

After a year + of TTC on our own and a loss late last year, DH and I are at a crossroads of moving on to IF treatments or looking into adoption.  Right now it looks like we are ready to move forward with adoption.  We met with an agency tonight and I'm feeling really excited and hopeful about the possibility of this becoming our reality.  I'm also excited to get to know you girls more and have already been lurking for a few weeks (and read through the FAQ posts-thanks BTW!) 

My question to you all is how many agencies/lawyers did you meet with before you found the right one for you?  Also, has anyone every heard of Building Blocks International Adoption Agency?  They are a Christian based agency out of the Cleveland, OH area.  One more, was the agency you worked with based out of your area or were you comfortable working with an agency out of town? 

Thanks for any advice/input!  I really appreciate it and, again, I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!


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Re: Intro & a few agency questions

  • Hi and welcome. I'm sorry for your loss.

    We called one law firm, talked to someone who had done an adoption through a lawyer across the country from us, and contacted 3 agencies in our area. At the time we felt we wanted to go with someplace somewhat local. We narrowed it down to 2 agencies and finally made a decision based on DH's CW's experience with them.

    Never heard of Building Blocks, but that doesn't mean anything, especially if you're doing international adoption. We did domestic.

    Our agency is in 7 states, and has 3 offices in our state. The closest office was about an hour away. Some people here have used agencies in other states, or nationwide agencies, with no problems. A CW lived in NJ but adopted from an agency based in FL.

    Good luck and keep asking questions. We love activity.

  • Hey!  Welcome to the board!  And to the insane journey to adopt.

    We went with the first agency we met with.  But we don't have a lot of local options.  We loved the caseworker.  And we had a lot of peace about the agency and how they did things.  We kinda just had a good feeling about it from the get go.

    Good luck as you make these choices!
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  • We're still in the decision making process, but we wanted to stay fairly local and learned pretty quickly there were very few full service agencies who worked in our county. This has led us to look into more lawyers, so we are meeting with two lawyers and attending an info session with one agency. Hopefully that will be all we need to make a decision.

    Good luck and welcome!! :)

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  • I met with two SW's that contract out of the same agency. I don't know how common that is- both were referrals but the second one was amazing. I also spoke with 3 adoption attorneys but went with the first one I spoke with- I just knew she was the one. Not that it matters one bit but both our social worker and attorneys (ours and BP's) were adoptive parents themselves which made it very easy for them to relate to is.
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