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F/U weight issue, and new pedi issue today

We had Hannah's weight check today, the good news is she's packed on 13 oz in a week, and we're back in the happy zone as far as weight is concerned. Also she's decided since we can't seem to get the reflux meds in her enough that it would have contributed to the weight gain, we're not going to continue them. (this is me doing a happy dance!)

I'm going to preface this next part with I generally love our practice and this doc in particular. She is very easy-going and has never made us feel like we were being silly first time parents, plus she's young so I feel like she is more on our wavelength than some of the older docs.

We haven't started solids yet. We've been meaning to, were given the ok to start solids at the 4 mo visit. I didn't want to start that early, and H wasn't showing interest in our food at that time, so we waited. We even have the oatmeal and bowls and spoons, just haven't had the time to get the highchair out and sit down to do it. We were going to start last week and then this weight thing popped up and it was too hard to fit that in with all the pumping. Today I was told that we needed to introduce things faster because "she needs the calories" and made to feel like I've done a bad thing not introducing anything yet. Huh?

I realize she's the one with the medical degree, but i've read enough baby books (some also written by docs ... like this no-name guy called Dr. Sears....) to know there is nothing wrong with waiting until the baby is 6 mo to start solids. She is 6mo1wk today. I've also read enough to know that BM is still comprising 99% of a baby's caloric intake at this point and solids are merely in addition to get used to spoons, different tastes/textures etc. So I disagree that a few spoonfuls of oatmeal or prunes a day is going to really make a huge difference in her calorie consumption. Now that she has gained weight and we've upped her BM/formula intake accordingly, I don't see the point of her argument at all.

I don't really know what to do other than just write this one conflict off and know that what I'm doing is ok. But I'm really a bit disappointed that we had this moment when we've been so pleased with her care.



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Re: F/U weight issue, and new pedi issue today

  • I would write the moment off.  There will always be different philosophies, and while she knows a lot about taking care of babies, you know a lot more about taking care of Hannah.  She may be right that solids are additional calories.  For both my little ones, when we started solids their breast milk intake did not change - so that half banana and the bowl of cereal DS ate yesterday was probably 80 calories he would not have had.  Pretty significant when you consider that their breast milk calorie intake for the day is around 500 calories. 

    Yay for weight gain and yay for a happy healthy little girl.  Don't stress the starting solids thing. I know I did with DD, but it is really much easier than you think and once you get in the routine of doing it, it just becomes a natural part of your day.   

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    i ditto hey jellsy.

    Also, we used his bouncy chair to start solids.  We were slow on getting around for a high chair too & it's what we had on hand.  I guess what I'm saying is you don't need a high chair for solid feeding (it certainly makes things easier eventually but in the beginning it's not that big of a deal)

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  • With DD, we started solids with her sitting on my lap.  I think she was 7 months old before I finally bought her a booster seat with tray.  I bought DS a high chair but it really doesn't matter where they sit. 
  • you are the Mom and you know best!


  • You're not going to always agree with everything your pediatrician says, especially when it comes to issues that aren't strictly medical. As long as your general philosophies are the same, I think it's fine. I'm glad Hannah is gaining weight!

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  • Thanks, ladies. We will be starting oatmeal (and prunes to combat the constipation!) tomorrow. I know what I'm doing is fine, it just was really unexpected that she was being so strict - almost judgey- about it.

    In the end, she's gained weight and will get her solids so all is good!

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  • I can see why your pedi would be pushing solids if weight is an issue, but I wonder why she didn't say anything at your last appointment rather than give you a guilt trip at this one? Start now, let it go and move on. If she's gaining weight and happy that's all that matters.
  • Yay for weight gain! Try not to stress about the interaction with your pediatrician. Sometimes doctors don't use the kindest tone when they think they're right. (And for what it's worth, I still agree with you that solids aren't the magic answer here. Maybe you have a baby who will love solids and will consume things in measurable quantities, but I don't think my child, who never ate anything resembling a bowl of any baby cereal, is all that unusual. Then again, there was my nephew, who could take down a full jar of carrots in about five minutes at six months old.)

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  • I am a little worried that we'll have a similar conversation at LO's 6-month appointment in less than two weeks (OMG). I am very comfortable with delaying solids because he just isn't that interested in food yet. He's on the low end of the weight charts, but he has been since he was born, and from what I can tell online he's still on his curve.
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  • Yay for weight gain!  That's great news.  As for the solids, just let it go.  My pedi made a comment at DD2 9-month check up about her not being on BM forever - which is weird because I BFd DD1 till 17 months and she was always supportive.  Otherwise I totally love our pedi and have never had an issue.  And just because you start solids does not mean your baby will want them.  We started DD2 at 6 months because we felt it was time.  She showed EVERY sign of wanting to eat/being ready that I almost felt bad that we waited that long.  It took until she was 9 months for her to really eat more than two baby bites before clamping her mouth shut and refusing to eat more.  At 9.5 months she barely eats an ice cube of sweet potato before she is done. 
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