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Excited and scared about this journey!

Hello everyone- 

My husband and I are new to this whole process and very overwhelmed I have to say! We found a great (hopefully) agency and have signed up for our pre-adoption seminar July 12-13. Then we move on to our application/intake interview approximately two weeks later and hopefully our home study soon after. They feel that we will be ready to be shown to birthmothers starting around October.

I have to honestly say that I am not the most patient person in the world, so this is really going to be a challenge for me... I keep trying to remind myself that it can take months (or sometimes years) just to get pregnant, then 9 more months after that. I am not usually a believe of "fate", but that is really how I feel about this whole process- that "fate" will bring us the baby that we are supposed to have when we are supposed to meet them.

I am amazed, encouraged, and honored to be part of such an amazing community here on The Bump. The strength and support that you all seem to show each other is wonderful, and I hope to be part of that. If anyone has any words of advice to share, please do...

 Thank you for taking the time to read my post :-)


Unable to conceive due to emergency hysterectomy 11/04 Started our adoption journey 4/11 9/29/11- Officially waiting! 5/29/12- Our little boy is born and goes home with us the next day :-)

Re: Excited and scared about this journey!

  • Congrats on starting the journey. 
    Brenda & Phillip married 10/10/09 

    After 6 years of failed cycles, we were blessed with our little man through adoption. 
    B born 1/3/2012. Adoption finalized 12/27/12

    Back  on the IF crazy train...
    Sept 2013 - IVF #1 -  BFP, EDD 6/4/14, born 6/8/14
    Everyone welcome


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  • Welcome and GL!


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    Also- welcome to the board! Post often!


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  • Congrats! I am experiencing that exact mixture of emotions as well as we are just starting our adoption journey, too. All the best to you, and I look forward to getting to know you here :)
    We are adopting! Currently waiting for our domestic infant adoption match.

    My blog: Making Me Mom

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  • welcome and good luck!
    Married on 3.20.2004. It took 30 month, 2 failed adoptions and IVF for our first miracle. We have had 9 foster kids since he was born and started the domestic adoption process when he was 10 month old, we had 4 failed matches in that time. After our daughter was born we brought her home and spent 2 weeks fearing we might lose her because of complications that came up. But Praise God all went through and she is ours forever! Expecting again after IVF Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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  • Congratulations on taking the next steps of your journey!! So excited for you. Good Luck!
  • Welcome!
    Good luck on this new journey!
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