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High School Reunion

My class is in the process of planning our 10 year reunion. I was curious to what others did..

Where was your reunion held? Was their dinner/drinks served? What was the cost per person? 

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Re: High School Reunion

  • My reunion was held in a club in South Beach (I grew up in Miami) this past November 2010.  It was about 60/pp w/ drinks and appetizers included.  It was a little steep but it is Miami and it was in a club.  I had a blast and danced and drank the night away.  :)
  • Mine was awhile ago (2004).  If I remember correctly, it was about $25-40 (don't recall the exact cost).  It was a banquet hall and was just a buffet.  I believe we were able to get drinks too (I don't recall because I drank too much at the bars after!).
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  • I did not go to mine (it was over Thanksgiving weekend a couple years back...) but it was about $20/pp at a bar/restaurant in Glenwood South (Solas, I think?).  The cost paid for light apps & some drinks.  They used Facebook to plan it.
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  • Mine is coming up and they are planning it for October. I'm not sure of the location but they apparently have a venue and not sure of the costs either. Backthepack and I will be attending ours together :)
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