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Do you have a list of what to bring to hospital?

We are matched with a baby due in late August, out of state.  We have been told that we will likely need to stay there 2-3 weeks after the baby is born.  We are flying there, and then family members are driving our car out, so we can drive back.  We are super excited, and I am starting to plan what we need to bring.  Would love to hear from anyone who has figured out the essentials (bassinet/pack n play?, carseat, diapers, onesies, bottles, etc?).  Also, not sure what to buy in advance and take with us on the plane (versus buying it when we get there).  Thanks!

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  • So exciting!!!

    I was given a really helpful list... happy to email it to you tomorrow.  Just send me your email addy.

    Off the top of my head- 
    I would figure out your housing first.  I recommend a rental (try or a suites hotel so you have a kitchen or kitchenette.  The rentals are great because you often have laundry.... and they tend to be priced equivalently to the hotel prices. 

    Once you know where you are staying, check to see if they have a crib.  If you go w/a hotel, you should be able to get a crib at no cost.

    RE: diapers, bottles, and formula... I buy once I was there.  The baby will have what she/he needs in the hospital and they should send some stock home with you.  

    Again, once you know where you are staying, research the area to find what's close-  Target, Walmart, etc so you can pick up what you need there.

    The one thing I highly suggest (I am biased) is a baby wrap or sling.  I think that our little adopted bundles benefit from being worn- learning who mommy and daddy are and feeling secure.  Do get one ahead of time and play with it.  They can be intimidating... but once you master it, it's a lifesaver!  

    I can be a bit of an organizing freak... but I also researched flights if you plan on flying once labor starts (not necessary if you are flying out early).   If you are going from A to B, figure out which  airlines fly when so you know who to call.  Also look at options of flying to bigger airports if they have more options for flights.  I had a spreadsheet ready so I knew what flight I'd want depending on when the call came! 

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    we had to travel 4 states away luckly it was only a 9hr drive. we stated for 10 days . i would get a room in a hotel that has a kitchen. we had one that had an microwave and fridge. also something to think about our hotel had free breakfast so that was helpful. bring snacks/ drinks  for you and your hubby. bring a laptop if you can as well.

    as for the baby we had a pack and play that has a changing table and we used that in the room. bring dipeares and clothes. blankets, bottles.   formula i would get there once you know what the baby will be using.

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  • Thanks!  Great advice. 
  • I haven't been there yet.
    But don't forget things for you.  I know you'll have a hotel room, but for those first few moments in the hospital, stick some essentials down in your purse.  Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, lip gloss, comb, maybe some body mist to smell fresh, hair ties, face wipes or wet wipes to touch up.  You'll want to take a minute here or there to feel fresh yourself. 


    Can't wait to hear about your LO's arrival.

  • First of all- Congratulations!  How exciting is that!

    We didn't travel out of state for DD, but I would make sure to have:

     1) I highly second a wrap!  DD loves her moby wrap and has since day 1.  

     2) A boppy.  This was a LIFE saver in the hospital and the first few weeks of her    life for feeding her, putting her in, and supporting her.

    Congratulations again!  Can't wait to hear your LO's arrival story!
  • pack n play and a moby wrap.. life savers TRUST ME! and i would just buy bottles and wipes and things like that once you get there.. try not to stock up to much on NB stuff.. my lil one was only in NB diapers for 10 days.. , also dont over buy like toys and stuff like that.. maybe one or two for the most part they just want to bond with you so dont bring tons of extras that will just be hard to bring back! a bouncy seat or papasan will be great to have! they are life savers!!! especially when they still sit in them! lol. =] COngrats and goodl uck~!
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