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Best AF base you have lived on?

What is the best AF base you have lived on and why? H and I are trying to get together our dream list. He will leave for BMT in September.
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Re: Best AF base you have lived on?

  • I have only lived on Bolling AFB so far, but been to Andrews AFB also and they are both really nice. But then again, I don't know anything else. I am seriously hoping that all the other bases will be as nice as these two. I guess I can keep my fingers crossed right?


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  • We have been stationed at Keesler AFB, Kadena AB, Nellis AFB, and now Holloman AFB.  My favorite was Kadena...Okinawa is beautiful!  I would love to go back overseas, but we just moved here in October so I'm sure we will be stuck in NM for at least a few more years.
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  • We are stationed at Joint base Pearl Harbor Hickam AFB in Hawaii & I hateeeeee it.. Hawaii is a place to visit.. NOT live!
  • Stay away from Minot and Dover. Trust me.
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  • Kadena AB, by far. Best base in the AF. What's not to love about a tropical island?

    Stay away from Moody AFB, GA. Blech.

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  • Goodfellow AFB (San Angelo TX) and Buckley AFB (Denver CO)

    Both suck.  I liked Goodfellow better as far as units/people go and Buckley better for surroundings.  You can't beat the Rocky Mountains :) 

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  • Hurlburt/Eglin/Tyndall All in the panhandle in Florida, You can't beat living near the beach without sky high prices for everything, and still have TONS of great places to eat, shop and do activities. Plenty for young couples or families!

    Also for the mid-west we really enjoyed Whiteman AFB but its pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but a quiet place to raise a family and only about an hour away from Kansas City which has a lot to offer.

    Laughlin AFB TX was HORRIBLE.

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  • Sheppard AFB, Grand Forks, AFB, and now McConnell AFB are the places we have been.  Sheppard was for tech school, Wichita Falls isn't a bad place to live though.  HATED Grand Forks because of the winter weather and not much to do. McConnell hasn't been too bad.  The weather in Wichita gets creepy at times thanks to tornadoes but other than that, it's a nice place.  The base seems to hold a lot of events to keep people busy too!  Just the other night they set up an outdoor theater in base housing to play Toy Story 3 for free!  

     I think a lot depends on what type of weather you are willing to deal with!  Being from Louisiana, moving to Grand Forks was hell because I had never even seen snow, much less had to live in it!  We really would prefer to live on a base that is close to the beach next place we go!

    Also, take into consideration what your husband's job will be.  If your hubby is like mine and assigned to work with a specific type of plane, he may be limited to the bases he can choose from :)

    Congrats on joining the Air Force way of life! It's a wonderful thing (if you want it to be)!!

  • I loved Hill AFB, UT.

    It's in a great location. Nice neighborhoods. Only 20 mins from SLC.

    I've been to (for 11 months or more)

    Keesler AFB, MS

    Aviano AB, Italy

    Hill AFB, UT

    Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

    Ramstein AB, Germany

    Bolling AFB, DC


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  • I'm Army National Guard here in Alaska. If you don't mind the cold and snow for winter time, then you'll enjoy it here. The summers are awesome. I grew up here, so maybe I'm a little bias. :) But the people on Elmendorf AFB are treated very well. They have some of the best facilities and housing. And the people that live in Alaska actually care about our military folks. Granted, Anchorage is not very big, it's nice and quiet, yet you still have "city" life. GL on finding a place that you want to live. :)
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  • Lurker here, but I grew up by Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. It's a pretty big base and located by a decent size city, (Fairborn and Dayton)

    We just left Vandenberg AFB, CA and I absolutely loved the area! The base itself is huge, but a lot of that is wide open mountains and launch facilities for rockets. The base is right on the water though, and has several on base beaches. I fell in love with living by the coast, and pretty much anything you needed was within and hour or closer. I'm a little sad we weren't there for longer.

    We are currently at Malmstrom AFB, MT and still getting situated and learning our way around the area. Its beautiful here, but the base is tiny. However most of the housing is brand new I think. We have not spent a winter here yet, so that will be interesting :) The town has most everything you would need, which is good because you have to travel 2+ hours to the next decent sized city. H and I are outdoorsy people, so at least there's lots of hiking and snowboarding to be done here!

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  • I lived on Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage , AK and it was awesome!!!! It's a beautiful place and everyone I know has loved it there as well!!


    Stay AWAY from Moody AFB!!! I'm here now and it sucks!! 

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  • I agree with you about Moody- I'm here now and it sucks!!!!
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  • imagepanicked228:
    Stay away from Minot and Dover. Trust me.


    I agree, at Dover and hate it! But I wouldn't get too stressed about putting a dream sheet together because it doesn't mean a whole lot, you really have to be living in a dream land if you think you'll get anything on your list... 

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  • Sheppard in Wichita Falls, TX- I liked it there.  Smaller town but quick access to Dallas and super nice people.

    Moody in GA- ehh... that's about all I've got for that one.

    Tyndall in Panama City, FL- Pretty beaches but very backward town with not much going on if you don't have a boat/spend your time at the beach.  We've been there twice and the second time was better than the first but it wouldn't be in my top 5. 

    Langley in Hampton, VA- also been here twice (where we currently are) and I love the area.  There's tons of things to do and it's a big city so there's lots of culture and such.  You can quickly drive to many of the big cities on the east coast which makes it easy to travel.

    Peterson in Colorado Springs, CO- I grew up in Denver and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to move back to CO.  Too bad there's no job for MH there unless he can swing a teaching job at the Academy or a staff job for a year or two.  :(

  • I live off base at Eglin AFB. We live in Destin (about 30 minutes from base) The area is very touristy, but it's a good mix of beach town and practicality. There is free parking everywhere and the regular stores- Walmart/Target/Marshalls/etc.

    We're Army and only here for EOD school though.

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  • I have been to

    Davis Monthan AFB, AZ- nice

    Ramstein AFB, Germany- favorite base, has new big mall, new housing, big community, plus the culture and ability to take day trips to just about all over Europe.

    Lakenheath AFB, England- really like it

    Mildenhall AFB, England- great base

    McConnell AFB, Kansas- not too bad, has lots of shopping in the city but once you go out of the city its NOTHING!

    Sheppard AFB, TX- not a fan

    Tyndall AFB, FL- nice and quiet by the beach

    Seymour Johnson AFB, NC - HATE IT 


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  • I've only lived at Dyess in Abiliene, TX, Kadena AB in Okinawa, and Yokota AB in Tokyo, but I've been to a bunch of other bases.  I couldn't stand Dyess because of the surrounding area and the base was just kind of old (they may have remodeled a bunch since i left, or at least i hope they have).  we LOVED kadena and okinawa (I had my son there), but hated the weather.  Been at yokota 3 years and love it.  Overseas assignments are so fun! 
  • stay away from beale.. there is NOTHING to do out there.. oh and its right next to the meth capital of the US.. nice.. haha

    definately not dream sheet material.

    We based ours more on "destinations" not really what others thought of the bases. Its all an adventure really though no matter where you go.

    Home is where the Air Force sends you :) haha

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  • imageUberTroll:

    I loved Hill AFB, UT.

    It's in a great location. Nice neighborhoods. Only 20 mins from SLC.

    I'm stationed at Hill now and I love it! Forget the Utah stereotypes please! There is so much to do here and everyone is way friendly.

    I have lived on:

    • Cannon, NM (hated it nothing to do and too far from everything)
    • Langley, VA (I liked it, nice area and you can't beat all the history surrounding it if you're a history buff)
    • Andrews, MD (I liked it, beautiful area and my family was close)
    • Nellis, NV (I liked it, but more for the night life... it's too hot and it takes forever to get anywhere, Vegas is more of a vacay spot to me)

    I would put down for overseas bases. I was born in Spain on an AFB, but I was too young to remember so take it in when you can! I heard Japan, England, Italy and Germany are some fun places to put in for so try for those if you can! Good luck and AF rocks :)

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  • Loved Seymour Johnson, Kadena, Lackland and Maxwell.  Disliked Sheppard. 
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