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Need advice on working part time

I'm 12w with my first and plan to cut back to 80% after my leave.  But, work is getting kind of crazy, my mom is in a rehab facility after a bad fall, and now my MIL is in ICU without a great outlook.  I'm considering cutting back now but would like some advice on schedules.  I think I'd like to work Monday - Thursday, having Friday off to catch up on stuff and to have the flexibility to make weekend trips to my mom's if needed.

 Any advice on part time schedules or other things I should consider?

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Re: Need advice on working part time

  • Congrats on expecting and sorry things are getting hectic. I work 80 percent time, but work 5 days a week and leave "early" each day. That works well for me since I have more time during each day, and works well for my office since I'm available. Just another idea for consideration!
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  • I know folks who do it both ways - as you described and switching their hours to be more in line with a traditional school day.  As I contemplate whether I want to go part time, the latter appeals to me the most since I would get to spend time with my children every day. 
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  • Thank you both.  I know it's dependent on each office, but my concern is that once I'm here, it would be hard to leave before the standard time.  Is that a challenge for you? 
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  • It did take some "re-training" for me to leave on time, but if you're taking a 20 percent pay cut as well you should reduce your level of effort accordingly and your colleagues should understand.

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  • I work 32 hrs/wk.  I put in 7 hours/day (or more sometimes) M-H and then do my remaining hours at home on Friday.  I do this because when I do come in on Friday it is hard for me to get out of here if I only need to work a few hours.  If I really need to come in on Friday for a meeting or something, then I do.  I'm lucky to have this option and it's with the understanding that I am available for most of Friday by phone (my co pays for my phone) - but almost no one calls or emails me unless it's really urgent.
  • I work Mon-Thurs with Fridays off and I could not be happier with the schedule. I still take my daughter to daycare on Fridays and I like having one full uninterrupted day to get things done. I use it to go to doctors appointments, do grocery shopping/meal planning/cooking, laundry, cleaning, errands, make phone calls/pay bills, etc. This allows me to get all of my "chores" done on Friday so I can relax over the weekend and spend time with the family. I feel like if I did the other type of schedule where I just got an extra 1.5 hours per day for 5 days a week that I couldn't be as productive because many of the things I do on Fridays take longer than 1.5 hours.

    Also, my mom lives 3.5 hours away so I really like having the flexibility to leave for our trip on Friday mornings to visit her.

    When my kids start going to school, I may try to switch to 5 days a week with leaving earlier in the afternoon. But for now, the Fridays off works great.

    My other piece of advice for working part time is to set the expectations early about your time off in terms of what you are willing to do and not do. I don't accept phone calls on Fridays and I don't answer emails. I also don't offer to do any work on Fridays or come in for meetings. I set the expectation early that I'm unavailable and it has held so no one expects any work from me on that day.

    Good luck with your decision.

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