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Changing doctors...

I had a natural delivery (albeit an induction, but still went pain med-free and mostly intervention-free) with my daughter, who was born in March. I loved my doctor, and would see her again in a heartbeat, but I was driving 30 miles each way to see her.

This time (yes, we're kinda-sorta trying, I'd like to avoid having to take so much time off work for doctor's appointments because of the distance. I'd also like to forgo the expense of a doula this time, even though ours was awesome. (My husband is/was a great support during labor, and I'd really like professional birth photography instead.) Stick out tongue

Soo...I'm considering switching to a family practitioner in my town who has just completed her residency and loves pregnant mamas and attending deliveries. Since she has such an interest in OB, I'm thinking/hoping she has some idea that natural birth is a good thing, a woman's body is made for this, etc. (The hospital in our town has a reputation for being not-so-friendly for natural births, but they are trying to improve on that, I believe.)

I guess what I'm asking I crazy to give up my hippie-former-midwife-natural-birth-advocate doctor for a new doctor in a less flexible hospital environment? And if I go ahead and do so, am I nuts to think I can go without a doula this time? Help! :)

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Re: Changing doctors...

  • First of all, you have a really, really cute baby.

    Second of all: why not interview other, more local OBs and see what you'd be getting into before you committed to switching. Personally, I think a compatible OB would be worth the distance, but for all you know you may have an equally great one in your own back yard.

    As for forgoing a doula: my thought is, you've been through this before, you know what it entails, if you're comfortable enough to ask "Do I need her?" you'll probably be just fine without. My SIL had a doula for the birth of her son in November and has already decided, great as she was, she won't use her for subsequent pregnancies/labors/deliveries. 

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  • In most cases, even not so flexible hospitals are more lenient with 2nd time moms, so it would come down to the doctor for me. Have you met with her yet? Does she know your goals and wishes? Does she seem supportive? If you aren't 100% that she'll be on your side in viewing birth as a normal event, then I would stick with my old doctor.

    I think if you had an epi free induction, you can absolutely have this next baby without a doula. Good luck!

    PS- i'm totally getting a birth photographer this time too. :)

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