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Crafty ladies--busy/quiet book ideas?

I want to make Holly a few fun things with my plethora of felt :-) I've got some Old MacDonald puppets planned, and I would also like to make her a busy/quiet book like this.

I want it to include "self care" things like zippers, buckles, buttons, etc. but also some things she'd enjoy even after mastering those skills. I like the weaving and apple tree ideas in the link I shared.

Does anyone have any other ideas, or other links. I've been googling and checking out links today, but wondered if you've seen any awesome ideas I might have missed. TIA!

And, if you could find me some time to actually do this, that'd be great too. hehe.

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Re: Crafty ladies--busy/quiet book ideas?

  • Once you find the time to do this for Holly, will you make me one too? Stick out tongue Love the idea!
  • Um yeah can you make me one geared toward boys?

     Also, can you make me some felt stuff? D3 is in need of felt toys. :) You need to open a shop.

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  • Hehe.. if could find the time and get my stuff together, I'd love to! I'm hoping once I get my craft room in order (currently a mound of felt and catch-all for junk), I'll be more inspired to dedicate more time to it.

    I don't know if I'll ever have a shop, but I'd be glad to take orders from friends (internet or otherwise..hehe) once I'm a little more organized! I can see something like a busy book taking me a very long time, like the advent calendar I made last year.. we'll see. Smile


    photo c107d4aa-9909-4a33-b3bd-bd94168bd5fc.jpg

  • I'd buy one for you, too. If only I had a week to myself to make one. . .aaahhhh, a girl can dream.
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