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Need some help...Adoption Agency Recommendations?

DH and I are in the beginning phase of the adoption process (meaning we have decided it's the right path for us.)  Can anyone give us direction on how to begin to find the right agency for us?

We are a Catholic couple in SW Ohio.  Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Need some help...Adoption Agency Recommendations?

  • Hi and welcome.

    I'd start with the FAQs at the top of the board. There are a lot of good resources to get you thinking and to help you figure out your path. You may even decide you don't want to go with an agency but would prefer a consultant, facilitator, or law firm.

    GL and keep posting!

  • I strongly recommend Catholic Community Services. If you prefer a non-religious based agency, WACAP out of Washington is also stellar. Best of luck on your journey!
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  • Welcome...

    We are Catholic as well... but Southern CA Catholic Charities does not deal with adoption so it wasn't an option. 

    If you want to stay in the Catholic world, St. Joseph's Adoption Ministry is a licensed child placement agency in Kansas.  Sr Dolora May works with couples all over the US.  I have known one family that adopted through her ministry. 

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