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Has anyone else heard this term yet?  I think it describes me perfectly :) 

I will eat meat, but I prefer not to a lot of the time because I don't find it very appetizing.  Unless it is prepared for me by someone else.  So basically, I hate meat that I have had to see and touch before it was cooked.  It just turns me off.

Anyway, the point of my post is to ask if anyone knows of any good vegetarian resources such as a blog or some other type of database?  I need recipes that will get me back to cooking normally before I hated meat quite so much.  I feel like we are not getting all the nuitrition we need.  We do eat plenty of eggs, cottage cheese and that type of stuff for protein but I don't think we are at all balanced. 

My sweet boy :)
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Re: Flexitarian

  • This could be me, I don't hate meat, but I could probably not eat it again and it wouldn't bother me (I don't care for eggs either). I like that meatless Monday website, they give some good recipes! The problem in my house is that DH calls himself a "meatatarian" and only will eat things that have faces, so I have no choice but to cook meat.



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  • Yeah, DH would love to have a lot more meat.  I try to also do things where I don't really have to eat the meat.  Like if I make a pasta dish I will put in chicken and then serve myself the pasta minus the chicken.
    My sweet boy :)
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