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new to site...and wondering about options?

Hi ladies --

I joined The Bump in 2009 shortly after I had my son. And am re-joining more than 2 years later....this time TTC #2 for 1.5 years. I see some of you have details next to your name (age, diagnosis, etc.) How did you add that? I am 38, working mommy (but thinking of quitting to be with my boy and focus on expanding our family) Our diagnosis: unexplained fertility. Not helpful! We've had 3 failed IUIs (1 w/ Clomid, 2 w/injectibles)...doc is now reccommending IVF b/c of my age but DH and I not sure we're on board for that....not sure what to do. Is it time to get second opinion? Continue with more IUIs? consider IVF?  try accupuncture?  or move on and pursue adoption? what is next?????

Anyway, I am glad I found this board. I definitely can appreciate the stories I am reading guys take really great notes about your cycles! I am attending an infertility support group on Tuesday and not sure what to expect as we already have one child so if I'll be in a room full of people who cant have any kids, that would be awkward...guess I will see how it turns out. Anyone ever been to one of those?

Re: new to site...and wondering about options?

  • Hi and welcome!

    I am moving to IVF after 2 failed IUIs and one cancelled cycle because of too many eggs (and age, 38also, until December). We have been working on #2 for about a year and I am tired of it.  If we want a #2, IVF seems to be our only option.  I am not part of an infertility support group, but I do use this board for that (see my post above).  I have been seeing my RE for so long (since December this time, and 7 or 8 months to make Emily), so I trust him, but if it makes you feel better definitely get another opinion.  My RE does draw the line at 3 though.


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  • What testing have you had done? Just curious. I've been through 2 ob/gyns and a RE. I'm now on my 3rd ob/gyn and seeing a RI. I'm huge advocate in playing a role in your own health care and not just listening to your doctors and trusting everything to them. My current doctors were the first to diagnosis me w/ MTHFR & now possibly LPD. Its taken 4 years and 4 m/c to get these answers which angers me but on the other hand I'm so glad to have finally found what I think our the right doctors for me. I'm all for getting a second opinion.

    I'm not sure where you're from but I've been very pleased with Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM). They have about 10 clinics across the US.

     GL in whatever you decide!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you are here and hope your stay will be short!!

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