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Question About Alaska...

So I have patched things up with my sister, and she is so lost right now...I know nothing about Alaska...

She and Army DH are getting stationed outside of Fairbanks in August, and they are trying to figure out what kind of allotments/BAH they will be getting for being stationed in Alaska. So, any of you out there who have been stationed there, or currently are, have any clue?
Also, they are trying to have her Jeep shippped there along with the rest of her things for their DMO move (I keep wanting to say TMO still)...I told her that normal CONUS moves they will not ship a vehicle (I remembered the paperwork we were given by DMO that listed the restricted items, and vehicles were one), and she said that Alaska is considered overseas, and they will ship a vehicle to an "overseas" location...So does that ring true??
They are going to transportation on Monday to discuss it, but I would like to hear some advice from you all who know it best and hopefully pass on some info!

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Re: Question About Alaska...

  • Alaska is an OCONUS (outside the continental U.S.) move and therefore, yes, they will ship a vehicle.
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  • For them to find out how much BAH they will get they can go online to where they should find a chart with the rank and location to determine BAH. And Yes, Alaska is OCONUS so they will ship the vehicle.
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  • Mash67Mash67 member
    My best friend lives in AK out side of Fairbanks.... Ft. Greeley They paid for their Yukon Denali to be shipped along with all their stuff.  I'm not sure how much they make, but I think its living MORE than comfortable.  Actually they just bought a house there they like it so much!
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  • We are currently at Ft Wainwright. And yes we gain more Bah than some other places but things up here also cost more. It depends what you need and what your looking for as to how much you will spend on a place to live and how the wait list for post is when they get here. Alot of people are deployed so I dont think the wait list is that bad. You also get COLA so that helps as well. Online shopping will be her best friend because unless you drive to Anchorage there is basically no where to shop here.
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