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circumcision question

Hello all! My husband and I have decided that we are going to have our son circumcised, but are not sure where to go.I am giving birth at a birthing center, so it is not something that we can do there. I plan on discussing this with my midwife at my next appt, but would like some outside input as well. Any suggestions for the Orlando area?

We are self pay, so cost is also a factor.


Re: circumcision question

  • Talk to whatever pedi you chose, they do them. And if not them, they will be able to recomend where to go (pedi urologists do them too...)

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    My OBGYN did our sons a few days after he was born,  It Depends on your dr, your hospital and your Pedi,  In our case, Our hospital DID not do them nor did his Pedi, but my OBGYN was apparently known for his expert work!

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