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First Baby & Deployment Questions?

So my boyfriend will be deploying soon, which means he will not be here for the birth of our baby in February. I have a few questions, since we are both first time parents. I heard that because his father will be his power of attorney, that he would sign my BF's name on the birth certificate, is this true? And also when the baby is born, how do I go about enrolling him/her into DEERS? Or does my boyfriend have to do this while he is overseas? Any and all advice is welcome, since he will be gone for 3/4ths of the pregnancy and the first couple of months afterwards.

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Re: First Baby & Deployment Questions?

  • Congrats.  I went through the same, and I can not remeber about the hospital but you will need to do the deers from where you are within a few days of getting home from the hospital, you will need the power of Attorney to do so for  that.  And be sure to bring all your paper work from the hospital.  It sucks that he is away.  But you can do it.   I wish you the best of luck. 
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  • Congratulations!!!  What an exciting and scary time.  When my husband was deployed it took me taking in his orders and a power of attorney to get things done at deers like entering our child in the system.  You will also need the following when you go in:

    • Sponsor - Military Member or Retiree must be present or customer must      present a valid Power of Attorney (POA), special or general.
    • Birth Certificate/Live Birth Documentation
    • Social Security Card
    • NOTE: If the spouse is entering the child or children into the system, he/she      will need to be in DEERS under the sponsor and have a general power of      attorney.
    I told them I had applied for the Social Security card and they told me to bring it back in when I had it but they could put her in the system without it.  Hope this helps. 


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  • Congrats! I am in the same position as you--first baby and my hubby will be deployed.  The hospital here had a briefing all about this and they said to be sure that there is a specific POA that gives you (or whoever) the power to enroll the child in DEERS.  They said it isn't always necessary to have it specifically say it, but it is better to be safe because sometimes they will want that. They also said that I would be able to enroll the baby in DEERS (they did give me a bunch of paperwork regarding this and forms, but I haven't looked at it yet).  Hope this helps!
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  • I had heard before that if you aren't married when you get pregnant and after baby is born they sometimes have to do a DNA test to ensure baby is his before they will enroll baby in his DEERS. I would find out about that since you guys aren't married. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though! This may only be a rumor I heard! Good luck with everything!
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  • My DH is deployed now and should be back before the baby is born but he was told to get me a special power of attorney so if our baby is born early I can enroll him or her in DEERS. 


  • Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate it. And Jules I will look into that, thanks! And also, one more question, how do we go about getting me a POA just over the baby? I'm sorry, the military isn't new to me, just the baby part of it. Thanks for your help!
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