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3rd Trimester

More emotional in the third trimester?

Ok, so this is my first pregnancy so every day is a new experience to me. I knew that emotions can go crazy during pregnancy but I thought it would mostly occur in the first trimester. However, I have noticed I have become really emotional ever since I have hit 32 weeks. Within a week I have come home twice and just balled my eyes out for no reason at all. I have tried to read up on what changes to expect during this phase of pregnancy but I am not finding anything about a change in emotions. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: More emotional in the third trimester?

  • The 3rd Tri has been pretty bad for me as well and I feel like it gets worse as the weeks go by.  Hopefully this will all end when my little man arrives!
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  • I am so with you....I have almost cried at least 4 times today.  I am an emotional wreck...haha!  The funny thing is--it's been a fabulous day!
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  • Not sure if it's "normal" or not but I have been much more emotional in the 3rd tri than the other trimesters. Last week was a bad week...LOL. I remember from last pregnancy it was the same thing.
  • My emotional roller coaster hit at about 34 weeks.  My mood swings are ridiculous and I feel like I am crying every day about something.  It was not this bad at the beginning of my pregnancy..It is probably just the mental and emotional feeling that we are going to be mommy's very soon and it is a bit overwhelming..along with the added lovely stress factors of everyday life!  
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  • I am not more emotional but have noticed I get easily annoyed.  I cant stand being asked multiple questions at once and it seems like everything my DH does irritates me right away!  Smile 

    It will get better!  Those around you just have to understand that you're going through a lot physically and hormonally!  

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  • atackatack member

    I've cried two or three times in the past two days.  Mostly for actual reasons, but I am not sure if I was pregnant I would have cried.


    I feel like a broken down mess sometimes!

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  • I feel a ton more emotional now. I have only cried a few times, and I haven't really had any mood swings. I can feel a sense of something very emotional within me though...
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  • I have been over emotional the past several weeks but ive also noticed i've been a lot more needy of DH and a lot more moody as well. Oh fun :p
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  • i def have been more emotional lately crying, irritable, impatient!!!  Its been bad the past few weeks!
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  • I am way more emotional and irritable in the 3rd trimester...was the same last time too
  • I cried in 2nd tri, 3rd tri I am increasingly angrier... Someone might get hurt if they don't turn their filters back on.
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  • Yeah, my mood swings have picked up this trimester. I've just been so irritable & sensitive lately. I'm trying not to take my emotions so seriously nowadays.
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  • Yes, I am definitely more emotional this trimester. Crabby and irritable and weepy. No fun.

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  • So glad you asked, OP, because i was starting to wonder what was wrong with me! I've been fairly steady through most of this pregnancy and have been falling apart for the past couple of weeks. Tears come more easily, my feelings get bruised more easily and i just keep looking at myself and going, "who IS this person?!". Glad to know that others are feeling the same way too.
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  • I've hit the third trimester, and I've been a mess. The rest of my pregnancy wasn't too bad for hormones or emotional breakdowns, but I hit that mark and I come home from work and cry or someone won't be overly nice and I cry... I'm frustrated more easily and then when I get over frustrated, I cry.

    It's awful :( 

    I think part of it is that now that I'm in the thrid trimester, time's really slowed down, when I was thinking it was going to be my "home stretch" and I'm really uncomfortable and I just want to be done! lol



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