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I have seen some of your posts and I have to say I appriciate you. I have learned a great deal just from your posts.

DD and I are not stationed with DH, we decided because of our situation and his mulitiple deployments it was best for me to stay in Florida. I am so proud and supportive of DH and his work in the military. So far its been a good balance because I dont live on base, I dont know what its like to "live" the military lifestyle through and through, so I dont know as much as the other wifes do about the lifestyle but I do know what I need to know, via FRG and DH.(if that makes sense) But reading your posts have taught me so much and I look forward to reading more.

Thank you for your hardwork... 


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Re: **norvelln**

  • I'm going to bud in and say now I have someone to look to.  I dont live on base with fiance either so I dont understand a lot of it.  Thanks to your post I know someone I can look for to learn more.

    *budding out now* 

  • Wow. Thanks.  Honestly I just try to share my knowledge and experience with others.  I am glad you are getting something out of it!
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