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DH told his siblings (vent)

We decided to tell family only for now and we will tell everyone else at 12 weeks. DH family seems to be excited but his sister thinks we are crazy for telling so early. conversation went as follows: Her "do you know how early that is?" DH: "yes, but sss is already showing" (my bloat is out of control, I totally look pregnant already and even my baggy shirts dont hide it) probably not the best choice of words on DH's part but whatever, Her: "do you know how much the baby weighs right now? Nothing." DH: "do you want her to expain it to you?" Her: "Im aware of how that all works." Then she went on to say congratulations and how thats exciting but it totally made me feel stupid for telling his family this early. We told them early last time and she thought it was too early then but didnt really say much. Im just frustrated because if I didnt say anything they all would have been speculating at family get togethers because its obvious im not my normal size right now. They probably would have been mad if I would have "tried" to hide it. Her comments just stung just because most people can hide it doesnt mean everyone can. Im not going to lie or carry on with family as if Im not pregnant when its clear that I am. Ugh! I love my In laws and we all have a really good relationship but now I feel like they all think Im trying to be an AW or something.

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Re: DH told his siblings (vent)

  • her reaction makes me wonder if she has experienced a loss herself, so hearing an announcement stings. Just a thought. I'm sorry she made such a wonderful moment so crappy!
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  • DUDE - you're growing a tiny human!!  AW AWAY!!!  lol

    I say, she's probably jealous of something.  I wouldn't worry about it at all - if she continues to make remarks like this, then stop talking about the baby around her at all, and eventually she will realize that she isn't being included.  Then when she asks you why - you can tell her that she didn't sound interested so you didn't want to bother her with it.  It's catty - but it will get your point accross without you having to spend the next 9 months listening to little-miss-know-it-all tell you this and that about the baby you and your DH created and are growing.

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  • Has she experienced a loss before? Or maybe she knows someone who has. Not sure, but that might be the reason for her reaction. Or she might just be a biotch, in which case a mental throat punch might be in order. Either way, you are NOT being an AW. It's perfectly normal to tell families earlier and everyone else later. That is waht we are doing. Of course I want to ball-punch my DH for telling his parents and sisters before consulting with me this time, but whatevs. He'll pay for it later. :)

  • I know why she reacted this way, she's really a sweet person and Im trying not to let it get to me. DH said not to worry about it, and that he wouldnt have told if he didnt want to. I know Im being overly sensitive and going all "mama bear" right now I just wasnt expecting that reaction from her.
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