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Hi February 2012 Mommies!

Hello everyone! I know I will be lurking/posting on this board over the next 9 months (hopefully) and just wanted to say hello to everyone! I am 5w 2d pregnant, although I think I ovulated late, so I may be a little less. I got my beta tests last week (I was spotting, so it was precautionary) and I went from 89 to 239 in a day and a half, which made me very happy :) My first appt is a week from today and I am *hoping* they can do an ultrasound since I should be over 1800 by then, but we will see.

This is my first pregnancy ever so me and DH are VERY excited. We were trying for 6 months and I am very happy to be here :)

I just wanted to say hello and good luck to everyone!

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Re: Hi February 2012 Mommies!

  • Welcome & Congrats! H&H 9 months to you!!! :) GL at your u/s!
  • Congrats!!  Welcome!!
    TTC since 3/2010 BFP #1 7/16/10. Missed miscarriage on 8/13/10. D&C 8/21/2010. Fiance bolted. Loser. Started IUI (sperm donor) cycles in 2/2011. Cycle #5 - hopefully is the one! BFP #2 6/18/2011. Beta #1 201 (6/20) Beta #2 281 (6/22) Beta #3 546 (6/24) Beta #4 1554 (6/27) U/S on 7/1 - fetal/yolk sac...but wait - there are two! Almost fell off of the table!!! Now have seen the BABIES and their strong heartbeats twice - starting to sink in this is for real!!! Still anxiously hoping/praying/wishing for a sticky baby!!! image image Pregnancy Ticker
  • Hi! This is my first pregnancy too and we are beyond ecstatic, as well as surprised since we had been trying for a year. This is so exciting and there is so much to learn. I'm quite grateful for these boards!

     My doc didn't want my first appt to be until July 20th...although I've already had the blood tests and progesterone and HcG looked perfect. I guess different places do different things in terms of scheduling the appointments?

     Good luck to everyone else in this same February 2012 boat!

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  • Congrats and Welcome!!

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