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I'm a hormonal nightmare

I almost started crying in my Tuesday morning meeting. My boss was like drilling me and I was defending myself, but then my voice got all shaky and I started to well up.

Then this morning I was looking at our dog who is 12 and the love of my life and I started crying because she has been sick. I started to think that she won't be around to meet baby #2.

I also started crying yesterday because my new stupid doctor's office moved my appt and then was unable to answer my question about being RH negative. At least they were finally able to help me but told it was too late for a shot bc I wasn't spotting now.

GAHHHHH - I need a break.


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Re: I'm a hormonal nightmare

  • I think you need some cookies.  Well, that's what I would want to comfort me.  Sorry you're having a rough time.  :(
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  • You are certainly not alone in the hormone department. Nothing poor DH did last night was going to make me feel better. I have taken on too much between my full time job and my online boutique and DD. I had a severe break down last night and just gave up and went to bed!

    Big Hugs!!!!!

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  • ((hugs)) Totally normal (as you know), but I agree...you need cookies, virgin daquiri (cuz it's fun to be 17, er I mean, preggo), and a NAP!!!
  • You are definitely not alone, I feel the same way.  Every little thing is irritating to me, DH is gonna need a vacation....LOL

    Hope things get better for you!

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  • image caitlet425:
    ((hugs)) Totally normal (as you know), but I agree...you need cookies, virgin daquiri (cuz it's fun to be 17, er I mean, preggo), and a NAP!!!

    I did go get a lemon/strawbery chiller from McDonald's - that can be my daquiri ;)

    Cookies sould good too - thanks ladies!


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  • Before I realized I was pregnant, I kept welling up at the recent Hallmark commercial for father's day (where the dad removes the splinter from the girls foot)...I thought I was going crazy. Guess I should have realized ;)
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  • I'm with you.  The teary eyes I kind of expected.  The quicker sort of temper thing I was not exactly prepared for.  I am pretty mellow and things don't really get to me.  All of a sudden, I find I am a little snappier or overreacting to things for no good reason.  Things just fly out of my mouth before I can stop and think about what I have said.  I have already apologized to DH a bunch of times.  I can recognize it when it happens, but it is always after the fact.  Poor guy.  I don't think I have gotten too harsh, but I still feel horrible when I know there is no reason for snapping and I would never do it normally.
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  • I know how you feel. The other night I bawled my eyes out watching Anna have her baby on 19 Kids & Counting. When they showed her ultrasound, I lost it. Not even a couple tears, I was sobbing! DH was laughing at me because I NEVER cry watching TV or movies. 

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