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Progesterone to prevent MC?

Hey ladies, I have a question about progesterone to help maintain a pregnancy. I have PCOS and this pregnancy is thanks to God first and then to Clomid! 

I just found out I was pregnant a few days ago and I'm about 4 weeks 3 days along. I started my 100mg of Prometrium(spelling?)tonight. Did you use progesterone to prevent MC, did it work for you?

I have heard it's best to start taking it right after ovulation, but I didn' I guess I just hope i caught it in time.

I had a MC back in December and I didn't use progesterone at all. I later found out that it's important to use in combination with Metformin(which I'm also taking) to have the best chance at a healthy 9 months.

Anything you know would be super helpful! Thanks!

Re: Progesterone to prevent MC?

  • I started Crenone yesterday- My first progesterone level was only 7.8- I'm not sure what my levels were with last years pregnancy but now I'm wondering if low levels contributed to my m/c. good luck and congrats!
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  • Not 100% sure, but do believe that progesterone helps support a pregnancy.  So in turn, I guess it would help prevent a mc.  However you have to remember that there could be other factors at play in a mc.  But for the most part I would say hormone levels play a large factor on maintaining a pregnancy.

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  • There is no hard proof that progesterone supplements help maintain a pregnancy, but there is hard proof to say it doesn't.  So many doctors, OBs, and REs prescribe it to their patients as a safety net.  I hope that makes sense.

    Best of luck to you!!  I also have a diagnosis of PCOS.  This pregnancy happened after Clomid CD3-7 and an hCG trigger shot on CD14. 

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  • My RE prescribed prometrium for me, as I also have a PCOS diagnosis and take glumetza (a form of glucophage). I didn't take it with my last pregnancy, so I am sure the reason he prescribed it is precautionary. Several women from my local board have taken it for the same reason. It is usually only for the first trimester.

  • This is a difficult question, that like PPs mentioned, has different answers. When my sister started spotting, her doctor put her on prometrium to help "protect the pregnancy." I was spotting at first and my doc said I could go on it if I wanted to, but if I was going to have a miscarriage it would happen whether or not I was on prometrium. Maybe it also depends what the issues are. So I guess it's up for debate. Luckily, I stopped spotting on my own.

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