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OB/CNM/Hospital Recs in Charlottesville

We weren't planning on staying in C'ville for the end of my pregnancy, but it looks like that might happen (eeeek!). Time to start looking around, seeing as I'm 22 weeks pregnant.

Anyone have any recommendations for local OBGYN's or CNM's, and also for UVA and MJ? I haven't been to either hospital and I think I might prefer MJ but that's only cuz they allow midwives there. Plus the website is loads better. But I'd love to hear from both sides.


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Re: OB/CNM/Hospital Recs in Charlottesville

  • I go to jefferson OB/GYN but have never had a baby.  My sister went through them and delivered at MJH and had a great experience.  The one disadvantage with them on just the OB side is whoever is on duty delivers your baby.  They did have a midwife at one point practicing there so they may have replaced her when she moved.  


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    I would highly recommend MJH over UVA, unless you have a high risk pregnancy.  They are about to open the new hospital for MJH in August I believe.   

    I go to Jefferson OBGYN (Dr Carr, but I have heard wonderful things about Montgomery as well).  My sister has three girls and goes to Dr. Wolanski, whom she absolutely loves. 

     Good luck with the move, and welcome to Charlottesville!


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  • I plan on going to Jefferson once we finally have a BFP...I work at UVA and EVERYONE I work with and have talked to has fully recommended going to Martha Jeff. for L&D.  I have heard of Dr Wolanski as well, all good.  

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