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losing weight?

Anyone else losing weight without m/s interference? I'm not avoiding foods, nor am experiencing any m/s right now. But I've dropped a couple of pounds since my bfp... anyone else?
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Re: losing weight?

  • i did last week and i was eating more than normal without m/s... i told my DH that the baby was eating! :)
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  • Yes. I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost 2 pounds since this weekend. I attribute that to eating (mostly) healthy foods, and being really aware of what I put in my mouth. I've also been drinking insane amounts of water, and staying away from anything low fat or diet which has actually been quenching my cravings much faster!
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  • Yes! I've lost 4 pounds. I workout but have been trying to add more calories. I have not had m/s but nothing sounds good either.
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  • It is completely normal. I lost about 5 lbs when I had first found out I was pg with DS #1, but then lost another~25 lbs once the m/s kicked in. With this pg, m/s started at 5 weeks, and I'm already down 4 lbs. Joyous. Blargh.

  • Thanks ladies! I figured if nothing else, the increase in temperature is a sign of more burning calories Smile But it is definitely weird to see the scale go down while figuring out how to leave my pants unbuttoned Stick out tongue
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  • I'm having the same experience.  I do have m/s but not enough that I'm not eating.  I think mine is because we normally drink alot and I haven't since my BFP.  I know there are a TON of empty calories that I'm not taking in. 
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