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How was your weekend??

What did you do??
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  • L didn't get back from her parents till really last night, so it was just the kiddos and me this weekend.

    Friday night - it was raining so the kids played their new Wii game and we made pizza.

    Saturday - the kids had swimming lessons and then we went to a nature center that had a tram ride through the woods. It went a little too long for the kids and I had to pull out my iPhone to avoid mutiny. Post nap, the kids played and we went for burgers before dropping them off at Parents Night Out (they were already scheduled and excited to go.) I didn't have anything to do, so I went to see Bridesmaids (would have been a good Netflix option.)

    Sunday - the kids had a lazy morning at home playing Wii and playing in the playroom while I culled out clothes from my drawers and did laundry. We finally got going and went to a petting farm/playground place. It was great weather and the kids had fun running around, but they are just getting too old for it. Went to Pei Wei for lunch and to the grocery store which was painful (too many people and ill behaved children.) By 5:30, Carter was melting down from exhaustion (he really does still need a nap) and so I bathed them and threw them on my bed with a movie. By 6:05 he was passed out. Grayson needed a bit more convincing but was out by 7:15. Somehow I managed to stay awake till L got home at 11:30. *Yawn*

    Two - I don't know how you do it solo all of the time. I'd only been solo with them for a 5 nights and by this morning we were so tired of each other that we were all happy to go to work/school! :)

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  • Friday  - DW had a friend over to help with baby stuff organization.  I think I worked some.

    Saturday - Did a training in the morning, then went to a funeral Sad, then a nice lunch with a friend, then a hair cut, then unboxing the travel system, then a nice dinner at home....then work.

    Sunday - Lost power for 3 hours, then brunch for Baba's Day :), then a little shopping, then massive freezer food for post-birth making, then


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  • Mommymonster....I am so sorry.  We lost our dear Bella on Christmas day in a fast fashion getting worse and worse, sort of like your dear Aspen...I am so so sorry.  Feel free to keep sharing...this is never easy.  Take good care of yourselves.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss :(  I know all too well what its like to lose a furry family member and i wish you peace and healing with time.

  • image 2brides:

    Two - I don't know how you do it solo all of the time. I'd only been solo with them for a 5 nights and by this morning we were so tired of each other that we were all happy to go to work/school! :)

    hahaha! Yeah, but I'm not going to know what to do when I have to co-parent with someone Stick out tongue


  • Mommymonster- I'm very sorry for your loss, I can only imagine how hard it must be to lose a pet. Sending lots of hugs.
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  • Saturday we spent the morning working on the house. We had an out door faucet that the pipe was cracked on - so I ran to HD and bought a new one and changed it out. Scoop mowed the lawn and worked on the deck. We finished up and I showered and got Annie dressed and while Scoop was in the shower her mom called. The baby shower for her cousin that we thought was at 2 was actually at 12:00. It was now 1:30. Oops. We ran to the shower and got there just to see her open the end of her gifts.

    Then Scoop went to work and I went out to dinner with my BIL and two SIL's. We left our kids for movie and pizza roll night with Grandma. They had a blast.

    Sunday we went to a party at Scoop's aunt's house. This is probably a bad thing to say... but I kind of don't like my nephew. He is really kind of cruel to my daughter. He is 8 and should really know not to sneak up being her and yell behind to scare her. She cries and he thinks it is funny. He also had a toy gun that he was pointing inches from her face ( after being told numerous times not to point it at people) He also took her baby doll out of her hands and told her he was going to kill it. She doesn't know what kill means - but was very upset he took her doll from her.

    He just doesn't seem to get that she is little and doesn't think any of this is fun. It doesn't help my BIL spends all his time on his smartphone ignoring his behavior.

    Sorry that ended up long. Just needed to vent.

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  • Friday we went out to eat at Moe's to celebrate Sprout's great behavior at school then I stayed up way too late grocery shopping, cleaning out the old car and getting new car seats set up.

    Saturday we picked up our new car. They made it amazingly easy to do w/ 3 kids in tow and I was on car seat cloud 9 when i managed to get all three in the second row. yay!  Then we hit the mall to buy bday gifts for Sprout's classmates, played in the kid area, and had lunch.  Sprout and DW then went to a bday pool party and I took the girls home for a nap. After nap we did water play in the yard and a generally mellow evening.

    Sunday morning the kids had a visit with their mom which allowed DW and I an extra hour of sleep. After visit Sprout, Daisy, and DW went to another bday party while RB and I had some one-on-one time grocery shopping (why is it that i find myself at the grocery store every other day??).  The kids took a good nap and we checked out a new playscape/splash pad in the afternoon - the kids had a blast, but Sprout didnt have enough down time all weekend and by 6pm it was melt-down city - just in time for me to be solo since DW was off to softball at 5. fun!

  • ours was busy. I finally M/C last Thursday, so I was sore and achy and miserable. there was pride stuff going on all weekend and we skipped it all. instead we stayed home and got some projects done around the house, ran errands, and bought a new bed for our guestroom. we did have a crappy futon in there but we've got family coming this weekend so we decided to just put that up on CL and replace it. the new one is getting delivered on Wednesday.
  • Friday morning we left camp and came home where I put all the camping gear away, cleaned the house, showered and took a nap.  J and the girls went to the IL's in the evening and I stayed home.

    Saturday we spent the day celebrating Father's Day with the IL's (a day early, I know, that's how they roll), I ate way too much and we went home late.

    Sunday was a repeat of Saturday but A went with her dad for the day.

  • Mommymonster, I'm so sorry for your loss, hugs and warm thoughts coming your way.

    Blue...hugs and hugs and hugs. I don't know what else to say, just know you are being thought of...

  • Thursday and Friday I attended a conference at the university and thus was absent from the board and blogs and am trying to catch up on that...oh yeah, and work, today.

    Friday night my gf and I had date night. We had not seen each other in 2 weeks (due to her crazy work schedule) so it was a very fun night. We tried a new restaurant with a group.on, got a free pride flag from a local nutrition store which we will use for pride this coming weekend and had pocket pies ala mode for dessert.

    Saturday we slept in and then met a friend and her son to drive around the part of town we want to move to next year after DD finishes kindergarten. I made notes on neighborhoods, etc. and will continue doing elementary school research to refine our selection. After that we met another friend for snacks and beers and then all of us went to roller derby. We left at halftime as we had an early Sunday planned.

    Sunday we got up early, hit a favorite breakfast spot and got on the road for a 3 hour drive to the other side of the mountains (where it's warmer!) for an afternoon of whitewater rafting. We have both been twice before, this was our first trip together. We were in the front of our raft (yes, the super drenching part!) and had such a blast. The runoff is still really high due to late snow in the mountains here and we hit some really fantastic water. Towards the end of our ride we played some raft games and both my gf and I ended up in the water. None of the others in our boat were brave (or crazy?) enough. Afterwards we hit a local alehouse for beers and pizza and then hit the road for the 3 hour drive home. We got home at 11pm and crashed.

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    Blue...hugs and hugs and hugs. I don't know what else to say, just know you are being thought of...

    ditto :(

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    Blue...hugs and hugs and hugs. I don't know what else to say, just know you are being thought of...

    ditto :(

    thanks ladies, I appreciate it.

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    image seattlekari:

    Blue...hugs and hugs and hugs. I don't know what else to say, just know you are being thought of...

    ditto :(

    thanks ladies, I appreciate it.

    Thinking about you Blue....sending any comfort you can take...

  • Jen was in Atlanta all weekend with her family. I slept in a little and went for a run on Saturday morning, and then I went downtown and saw Midnight in Paris (it was good - very light-hearted) and walked to a couple of different Verizon stores to get a new battery for my phone. I drank a huge iced latte during the movie and hadn't eaten much, so by the time I had walked a couple of miles in flip-flops, and in the heat, I was pretty jittery and out of it and I was glad to get home. I made myself a big bowl of tuna nicoise pasta and spent the evening doing chores and some freezer cooking.

    On Sunday I went on a day trip to Richmond with two friends and the 8-month-old son of one of them, and he was a total champ about the whole thing. I was impressed. We went to Hollywood Cemetery (lots of Confederate generals and soldiers, two Presidents, etc.) and Tuckahoe Plantation, and drove around to look at scenery while the baby napped, and had a great lunch at The Black Sheep.

    Jen was home when we got back to DC and she took a PG test and it was negative. Confirmed by blood work this morning. Timing isn't optimal in July due to work trips, so we've decided to skip it and do two inseminations in August instead. Looking forward to sushi tonight.

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  • I'm sorry MommyMonster :(


    Blue, hugs. I hope this week is better for you.

  • Blue,
    I'm so so sorry. We lost our first pregnancy at the end of the first tri, and it sucks. Let me know if you need commiseration.


    I'm sorry... losing a pet is hard.   :-( 

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  • Lots and lots of ((hugs)) to everyone who needs them.

    I think it's wonderful we have such a nice group and we're all here for each other.

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  • My weekend was crazy, as it was pride week here, and Julie is super involved. We'll start with Thursday.

    Thursday: I had a math test, so this involved me driving to my  class that is 30miles away taking the exam then busting my tail to Studio 13, to see the I.C. Kings Show (the troupe Julie performs in). Which started at 9p and wrapped up past midnight since it was a Pride show. We left the bar a little past 2a, after too much to drink.

    Friday: I had previously requested off of work and spent the morning resting up. Friday during the day I had to drive a friend (a photographer and designer) to Des Moines (2 hours aways one way). To pick up King gear for the pride festival. (Calendars, T-Shirts, Magnets, Etc). After we got back we had to dart over to Picnic in the Park as Julie was performing then as well. Shortly after that wrapped up we grabbed something to eat, and headed over to friends houses to make packets to hand out in the parade (Business Cards, Candies, and fake Mustaches). It took us a while to make 300 packets, and then we ate and drank too much again.

    Saturday: I was up for work at 4a. Got of at 9pm. Made a quick stop at the craft store to make the goods for my rainbow tutu. Came home, made the Tutu, then went to the parade line up at 11a. Got in line for the parade finished decorating the vehicles, and started the parade at 12:15p. I drove the truck through the parade. The parade was short only about 30 mins. We then unloaded all of the goods (King Prints, T-Shirts, Calendars, Pins, Etc) at the booth, and hung out downtown until 6p. Julie performed again at 3:20 at the festival stage. 

    For those of you keeping track, that means that I've already been up for 14hours. After, the festival we packed up, came home, and showered really quick. We went out to dinner with all of the other kings, had drinks (yes again). We then debated going out to Studio 13 for the Drag Queen Pride show, but decided to go to a friends house instead. We played games, drank to much and had a gay 'ol time. We came home about 3a. Yes, almost 24hours AFTER I woke up.

    Sunday: Julie had to work at 2p. So I laid in bed most of the day. Then that night I headed up to a friends house for a 'After Pride, King, We Made It through the week party'. I drank Gin and Tonic for the first time and the last time last night.  Got drunk and Julie headed up after work. We hung out for a while longer and left about 1a.

    Monday: I woke up at 4a for work got off at 9a, and slept alllll day 'til now. 

    Here are some pictures from the epic weekend. 


    The truck with the Mustache. 


    Me driving the truck. I think in the back you can see the two motorcycles with mini mustaches. 

    imageThe back of our float, Julie is in drag in the pink shirt. (J.T. Amore)


    Me and my Tutu. UGH, my tummy is hanging out 'o well. 


    The back of my tutu, and Levi K. Malready's gay super hero cape. 


    Kings after their show on Thursday. J.T. Amore (Julie) is in the red. 

    I hope you all much more relaxing times than I did. 

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