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Good morning & Intro

Hi ladies!  I am SO excited to be joining you here on the Feb 2012 board. :)  DH and I received our BFP yesterday for Father's Day and couldn't be more excited.  I am exactly 4 weeks today, so our EDD is 2/27/12.  Thinking we might have ourselves a leap year baby (which is ironic because last time it was leap year, DH and I got engaged!)  I am being extra cautious because I have had a very short LP ever since I started charting and this was only our first time TTC.  Regardless, it's hard to contain the excitement!  I'm excited to get to know you all throughout the next 9 months.


H&H 9 months to ALL!

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Re: Good morning & Intro

  • Congrats and welcome!  I'm a fellow Boiler, graduated in '04.

  • Congratulations!! Wishing you a H&H 9 months!
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  • congrats!
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  • Congrats fellow TTGP grad!  Good to see you here!  Don't be surprised if you're actually 2 weeks because you're 14DPO.  My doctor took my chart seriously and has me at 3 weeks since I'm 21DPO.  If I was going by LMP I'd be 6 weeks. 
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  • Welcome & congrats!!!!
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  • Welcome and Congrats!!

  • Congrats! I graduated from Purdue in '05! Yay for Boiler Babies!!!!
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