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Lutheran General Hosp OB recommendation?

Can anyone recommend their OB that delivers at LGH?  I wasn't happy with the practice in which I delivered DD with so I'd like to find somebody new.


Re: Lutheran General Hosp OB recommendation?

  • I was going to go with Dr. Alice Chen as she was highly recommended, however her receptionist couldn't get me in for an appointment until the end of November.  Since I have irregular periods, I really don't know how far along I am so I chose a new doctor at Res.  I had my first apt yesterday and my first u/s next week and am super siked.


    Good Luck... 

  • My OB/Gyn is located in Parkside Center at LGH. The practice is Associate in OB-GYN. ?The doctors and staff are awesome, make you feel comfortable, knowledgeable and very friendly. My doctor made my delivery very comfortable and great experience. ?I have a beautiful healthy baby girl, born 5 1/2 weeks early. We were able to take her home three days after she was born.?
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