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Package Returned?

I recently sent off three packages to DH...he got two of them on the same day and has yet to get the third one...He got the other two last Tues, and I am wondering if my package didn't get returned?
All that was in in it was a pack of black socks, some skivvy shirts and some Popular Mechanics magazines...So I didn't violate any of the postal codes...I wrote on the box in all the right places with permanent marker, so the label wouldn't have been torn off...So what other reasons are there for a package getting returned??
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Re: Package Returned?

  • It probably just missed the last port your DH was at so now it has to play catch up to where ever he is now.   I wouldn't worry about it until you actually get the package returned to you.
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  • I agree with PP.  I have oftentimes mailed multiple packages on the same day and some would be there a week later while one would get there 3 weeks later.

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