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Definitely Moving! Need opinions

I posted earlier that we will be temporarily moving for a year due to my husband's job.  We will be living in the downtown area, I believe in the Marriott on the river.  Any recs on the area- good or bad?  As well as preschools in the area?  Things to do?  How family friendly is the downtown area?  Thanks!
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Re: Definitely Moving! Need opinions

  • Welcome.  That area of town is fine.  The south waterfront is getting built up now.  Downtown is easily walkable.  You'll find green spaces nearby to run around.  You can take the streetcar into the Pearl District for other activities - PlayDate PDX or Chap, etc.

    This is a new Montessori on the waterfront:

    Riverplace Athletic Club may be worth checking out because it's close and would give you an easy outlet.  They have a pool and childcare and other kid activities.

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  • Check UrbanMommas for ideas. Downtown has some great places for childcare, can be on the spendy side, they also tend to have heavy wait list. We are currently at the Helen Gordon Center, they go up to kinderg.

     Other places we have toured tended to be close in but over the bridge inner SE or NE. So depending where you end up living permanentaly, I can give you additional recs.

     First- Get on a wait list if your child is under school age.


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  • Good call.  Yes, get on waitlists ASAP.  My girls go to preschool close-in SE and we were on the waitlist for almost 2 years.  Not all places are that crazy, but most have at least some wait.
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  • Thanks ladies.  I have a 3 year old who definitely needs to be in preschool next year (went last year so I want some continuity for her), and a 2 yo who was enrolled to go next year here.  Have any of you all heard anything about Burlingame, SW Parent-Child Collective, or Wildwood?  They all seem to have openings and are somewhat nearby.  Would love any input.
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  • That Marriott has lots of fun stuff around it!  Down on the riverwalk area, there's a Pizza Schmizza (yummy) and a bunch of cute sandwich places (and wine bars, lol).  At Waterfront Park there is a huge lawn where you could walk down and have a picnic and just let the kids play, and that's less than one city block away from the Marriott.

    For a preschool rec that isn't terribly far away, I've heard great things about Belmont Academy.

    And, welcome!  Do you have a moving date yet?

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  • If your downtown, check out Helen Gordon Center (PSU). The wait list is pretty heavy, but preschool may be less. We attend there and LOVE it. I have a 2.5 year son and baby on the way, who will also attend there. The center is downtown.


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