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I am going to deliver at womans anyone recomend any pediatricians there?
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  • We decided to go with Dr. Wood. He is at the Baton Rouge Clinic, but sees babies at Woman's. I'm pleased with him so far (DS is only 7 wks old). Lots of my friends use him and absolutely love him.
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  • Gelpi, Schwartzenburg, West, Guliano, Waggenspack...they're all good. We use Waggenspack. Don't use Coogen.
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  • We use Dr Stephanie Kelleher from the Pediatric Clinic off Tara. She is in a group with Gelpi, Schwartzenberg, and Vick.  We met with her before our baby was born and sat down and asked some quesitons and got to know her.  She takes these types of appointments once a week. 
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