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Childless not by choice

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Good Morning All.  I just wanted to make a small post to say hello.  My story is short.  DH and I are both 34 and we started TTCing a little over 3 months ago.  In the past week we found out that DH is sterile so our short TTC journey has come to an end.  DH does not have insurance so we cannot look into any type of treatment for him and we both decided that donor sperm and adoption just wasn't for us.  So, I am trying my best to come to terms with what life has dealt us and I'm very thankful to see that this board exists.


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  • I'm sorry your going through this.  Welcome to the board, I hope you can find the support you need here.
    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!
    April 2011 CP @ 5 weeks
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  • I'm sorry you had need for this board, but welcome :)
    Rosie born August 29, 2013. Blessed by adoption!
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  • It's definitely a bumpy road.

    We're still trying to hash out if we're going to get treatments or what the next step is, but I am trying to be comfortable with a child free life. I always said I wouldn't even do clomid and now we're faced with IVF in a very regulated country (no frozen, no sorting, all fertilized must be implanted and the max is 3).

    Some days it's not an issue at all and the days it is I remind myself of people having more complex issues, like lacking fresh water or a home. It puts things into perspective and helps me to see how privileged I really am.  

    (Live in Europe) TTC since 1/2010
  • Welcome and I'm so sorry you have to be here.
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to the board, I'm sorry you have to be here
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  • Welcome! So sorry you must be here but nonetheless, welcome.
  • Hey i am new to this board.
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