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OHSU for prenatal/L&D

Has anyone gone to OHSU for prenatal care and labor & delivery?  If so, can you share your experience, or whether it was positive or negative? (Bonus if you did any type of fertility treatments)

My insurance will only cover OHSU and I'm not having a great experience so far.  I just didn't know whether to expect that this will change.


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Re: OHSU for prenatal/L&D

  • good luck, because my friend had a really bad experience there.  Left her arm swollen and black n blue from an IV.  OHSU is supposed to be all great...but lately I beg to differ.
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  • I don't have any experience with fertility treatments but I do go to Family Medicine and my dr. did all the prenatal care and the delivery of my first baby. She would also have done the second one but she arrived 15 minutes after the baby was born ;). Overall I'm pretty happy with the experience. You can also choose to use the midwife group.
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  • My OB is at OHSU so I had all my care done through OHSU. Other than a messed up epidural (could happen at at hosp) I was thrilled with OHSU's entire system. If you have specific q's I would be happy to answer them. I would go through OHSU again in a heartbeat if we got preg again!
  • My OB is Dr Edelman and I Love her!
  • I am being seen at OHSU for prenatal care and I've had some complications but the doctors I've seen have been great so far. I had to go to the E.R. once and all of the nurses and doctors were very kind and understanding. My only complaint is not being seen by the same doctor since my schedule is not very flexible but when I do get to see my regular doctor (Dr. Hatfield) she's been great.
  • I was with OHSU?s family medicine for prenatal/L&D. I had a very positive experience.  I?ve heard good things about the midwife program. I?ve heard mixed reviews about the women?s health clinic (primarily that they are often significantly behind schedule), but I went there for a postpartum complication and was extremely satisfied with the service and physician. I was very happy with the staff at L&D and the Mom & Baby unit. I know several people who also delivered at OHSU and only one had a bad experience. Sounded like issues with the Mom/Baby ward staff. 

    My primary doctor at family medicine is gone now, but I?d highly recommend Dr Yamashida, who delivered my daughter and did some of my prenatal care. I saw Dr Joslin once, and he seemed good. There was one doctor that I would not recommend, but I don?t see her listed anymore. I?m not completely certain who I saw in women?s health, but it was either Dr Nichols or Dr Gregory. I went to grad school with Dr Bednarek, and she was great.

    We were very sad when our insurance changed and could no longer use OHSU.

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  • I have really only been lurking on these boards but saw this and wanted to respond.  I had both fertility treatments and I am currently getting my prenatal care through OHSU.  I have had great experiences with both.  I did work with one person during my fertility treatments that I was not that happy with but considering my involvement with her was limited I would still consider my experience very positive.  Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.
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