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Stupid Q- Salt

What kind of salt do you buy?  I know about the deficiencies and dangers of too much - but I eat enough fast food that the little I would add or not add at home won't make a big difference.  I have never bought salt before bc I don't add it to my foods and rarely use it in cooking bc DH adds tons of salt no matter how it tastes.

So today I am making salt potatos.  We have a (huge) box of iodized salt and non-iodized salt.  Which one do you get and why?  I am almost out of the non-iodized bc that was the one in front and I have finally gone thru it....4 yrs of marriage later.

Re: Stupid Q- Salt

  • neither... I use kosher salt in all my cooking. And sea salt for special dishes (I bought it to make salted caramel brownies... yum!)

    But, to answer your ?, the only difference between the 2 is that one has added iodine (the iodized, obviously!) Some people think the iodized has a metallic taste, but I don't notice a difference. I do have a small container of non-iodized on hand, mostly for baking. I didn't even pay attention the last time I bought it.

    Iodized salt was introduced back in, like the 70's because of iodine deficiency. But, now most people have enough in their diets (due to lots more processed foods)... so if you need to buy more you can just buy non-iodized. 

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  • Pretty sure kosher is non-iodized since they wouldn't add it.  Now that we are on to the iodine salt, I will have to keep it in mind and see if I notice a metallic taste!
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    I use kosher salt in all of my cooking, but have iodized salt in our salt shakers for the rare times when we put salt on things after cooking.

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