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So I am boycotting the Amherst BRU

They are notorious for restocking returned items that should NOT be put back on the shelves, but returned to the manufacturer (I believe we have talked about this on here before) I usually open the items there to check but we don't go that often any more so it slipped my mind. We bought a bedrail for Evan and when I took it out of the box to assemble it yesterday - the parts were wrong and the directions were missing. Someone obviously returned it and yeah, MAYBE they weren't asked whether it was damaged but most likely they told them and nothing was done and the box was put back on the shelves. This has happened to me twice before...but THIS time I was LIVID. I wanted to put Evan's bed together and not have to rush and hold him up...I wanted to go do something as a family last night instead of going BACK to the Amherst traffic hell-hole to return something that i never should have bought in the first place. We live so far from there now!! And they are lucky because I cooled down a lot on the way there and didn't ask to speak to the manager (I don't like confrontations anyway)...but I am going to write a letter informing them of their reputation and their need to re-train the returns procedures.

But, yes - I am boycotting them. I will drive to the Rochester Buy Buy Baby instead :)

Re: So I am boycotting the Amherst BRU

  • That is annoying.  Aren't you guys getting a BBB over in buffalo?  I may have just made that up, not sure, but I thought I heard that.  But yes, I like ours.

    I have boycotted TRU now since dd was 10 months old.  It is a TRU/BRU combo store, and has a whole BRU section.  If it was just a TRU, I guess I could understand, even though they sell toys for kids under 2.  But since it was combined with BRU I asked if they had an area to nurse, and they told me to use the bathroom.  Which whatever, I pump in a bathroom at work.  But then I asked if they had a folding chair or something I could take in, the worker told me to just sit on the toilet.  I was so mad, I wrote a letter too.  I got some bs answer.  Oh well, I can find the same toys on amazon, walmart, or target, and generally for cheaper anyway.

  • That is so frustrating.  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that...thanks for the heads-up.

    I had the same problem with Best Buy in Syracuse when we lived there.  I bought DH a wire DVD stand and didn't realize until I got home that it was missing some of the plastic feet.  I returned it and was very clear what was wrong.  It wasn't even in a box, so it was easily visible.  A few weeks later I was in the store and went to see if they had gotten any more of the racks in...and there was the exact one I returned sitting on the shelf...still missing the feet.

    I also got grief from them trying to return an exercise DVD that was opened.  The packaging said it was walk away the pounds for abs...but when you play it, it was the original walk away the pounds video (I already owned).  After finally getting it through the manager's head, they did allow me to return it but didn't pull the rest from the shelf.  I guess there was a huge manufacturing oops. 

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  • I thought about taking a huge sharpie and writing all over the box - DO NOT RESTOCK - THERE IS A MISSING PIECE!! But I still wanted to return it :) I sort of want to go back today and see if they put it back :)
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    That is so annoying, especially since you had to drive so far to get it. I'd write a lovely letter to corporate, and throw in that you're thinking of putting in a complaint to the BBB since it's not the first time it's happened to you.

    Oh, and you could always take a road trip to Albany. We have both BRU and BBB, and our big TRU/BRU has a nursing room. Plus, there are lots of fun things to do in the Capital District during the summer.Big Smile

  • They do have a ton of damaged crap out on the shelves always. I drove to the rochester BRU for some of Eve's things for her room because the stupid amherst one only had damaged ones.. like multiple ones..

    I have bought next to nothing for this baby at BRU.. its always way over priced anyway.

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  • That is so strange, my friend got so angry at BRU based on the one in Amherst also - they gave her a hard time about her crib. But I have had really good luck with the one in Henrietta. 
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