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Does your DH snore? If so, how to you "deal" with it? 

DH never used to snore-very rare occasions and not very long.  The past 2-3mos he snores every night. I would nudge him to get him to roll over and it would stop.  Well, the past week or so nothing helps. I can nudge/kick all I want and he'll just roll over and continure snoring. And it's LOUD.  Its fine at bedtime b/c I go to bed first so I fall asleep first. But I tend to wake up a lot overnight (bathroom, roll over, etc) and then I'm screwed and can't fall back to sleep b/c its so loud. I'm a very light sleeper so this is a pain! The past 2 nights I got up in the middle of the night to sleep in our spare bedroom. DH keeps joking that we'll have separate rooms in our new house, but I dont want to be that couple.  Any suggestions?

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  • SO funny you mention it. DH just was talking about an article that says many new houses are being built with 2 masters for couples that prefer to sleep apart! Has he gained weight lately? That always affects my DH's snoring. I'm a light sleeper too and I got a pair of soft earplugs when I was pregnant. They really do help alot. Now at the end of the day I'm so exhausted I hit the pillow and pass out ;)
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  • My grandparents slept in different rooms for as long as I can remember. They were married until they passed, both in their 80's! 

    Dh snores a little, usually a swift push or nudge will stop it. I find it more annoying that he watches tv in bed. I have threatened to sleep elsewhere because of it! I wear an eye mask sometimes to block of the flashing light of the TV. Try ear plugs!

    He has been working late so I go to bed alone....got to say, it's kind of nice! 

  • DH snores and we've tried everything.  I just recently bought ear plugs and that has been the best remedy thus far.
  • DH use to snore a lot.  It drove me crazy and I would always "cure" it with an elbow in his side!  LOL!  He recently lost some weight and it has stopped.  I guess you can say his cure has been our son who never stops moving!!! LOL!
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    DH has always been bad, but it's much worse since he gained some weight. I usually have to shove or slap him and say, "You're snoring" and he'll roll over. Usually does the trick long enough so that I can fall back to sleep.
  • Mine snores when he's sick or drunk and that's about it. But if he does I just nudge him till he wakes up then he stops. When he's stuffed up he uses the breathe right strips, and they help a lot!
  • Does he have allergies? My DH used to snore pretty bad but he went to an ENT and got a nasal spray that has pretty much eliminated the snoring!
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  • He wears those breathe right strips or we sleep in separate rooms. Love those strips. I wear them now too b/c my allergies have been so bad they really help me breathe at night.

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  • I was going to ask about the breathe right strips-I think they'll be on my shopping list for this week!  I'd love to do earplugs, but if DD wakes up overnight I'd never hear her-and DH sleeps so soundly a bomb could go off and he wouldnt know it!
  • I actually like it.  When DH is out late or I go to bed early, I have trouble sleeping bc it sounds too quiet.  Even with the humidifier and monitor going.  It's the teeth grinding that drives me crazy, but he refuses to look into a mouth guard.

    The breathe right strips do work well though.  He used them a bit with his sinus issues and it made his snoring go away.  My dad had awful snoring for years, and ended up getting a sleep study where they found he had severe sleep apnea.  Very scary.  Sometimes snoring can be a sign of something bigger.

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