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Our Ergo carrier has been in the trunk untouched for a year because I mistankenly thought the weight limit was 35#s.  G is over 35#s now for sure and she's tall(always 90th%+ for h/w).  Now I'm starting to consider using it for Allentown this weekend.  She is a great handholder but I think she'll get overwhelmed in the crowd and want to be carried; it's too crowded to pull a wagon and she's gets really dis-enganged riding in a stroller.  

Would you give me the side eye for carrying a giant toddler on my (DH's) back?  I haven't used it in a year- will I feel like she is falling out because she is so tall? 


From the website 

"ERGObaby recommends a weight limit of 40 pounds (18 Kilograms) for its carrier; however, the carrier has been tested up to 90 pounds (41 Kilograms). Our carrier will accommodate you as long as you and your baby are happy using it"

Re: Ergo for big kids

  • Hmm...I would be worried about her not being comfortable for too long. I think her being disengaged is a minor concern when considering the other ones like keeping her safe and keeping your arms from totally falling off. Maybe try it for an hour or so tonight and see how she does?? Have fun!! I hope to be able to go back someday!! :)
  • Like pp said, test it out first. Justin was 14mths old when we went to Mexico and we roasted our bums off in that Ergo. After about 30 mins I was kinda sore and SO sweaty.

    To be 100% honest (I'm sorry) Yes, I would give the side eye to someone with a 35lb child in a carrier. I think it's just too big. I'm sure she'd look cute anywhere though ;)

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  • I've carried C in it before (36lb) and he fits fine.

    I think one less stroller in a place like that is a blessing. Plus I find it easier to talk to him on my back vs. a stroller. And as far as funny looks- what is the difference between the carrier & carrying them on your back/shoulders? (except you have your hands free!)

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  • I saw a girl that looked 3-4 or so in an ergo at Vegas in February.  I didn't look at her funny at all, but I like wearing dd in the ergo and am used to it.  I did do a second take just bc I was impressed by it - long legs!  People will look at you funny no matter what, especially if they aren't used to it.  Someone freaked out on me at Sams Club back when dd was only like a year old bc they said her arm was all twisted.  I was just like, I'm pretty sure she would be crying if she was uncomfortable....

    I can not carry dd in public - she fights to get down.  But she sits happily and we talk together in the ergo (or boba now).  And even the stroller she fights occasionally bc she would rather walk.  I would say bring it - it doesn't take up much room and it may work out great!

    None of the weight is on your arms and shoulders, it is all on your hips.  My arms get much more tired holding her, and don't at all with a carrier.  However, if I haven't used it in a while, and then I do a long carry, I do feel a little sore on my hip muscles.  But you guys could always alternate too.

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