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Healthy Living girls...

okay, the weekend is here (almost!) What are you doing to stay "on-track" this weekend?

The weekend is always the destruction of my diet! I'm good M-F then the weekend comes and it's always downhill... takeout, parties, dinner out, drinks etc, etc... 

Re: Healthy Living girls...

  • Tonight I am planning a couple margaritas! But I make them "homemade" so no pre-mixed sugary junk. Just pureed fresh fruit, booze and I picked up some agave nectar to sweeten them instead of using simple syrup. (we had some amazing organic agave margaritas at PF Changs, so that gave me the idea) Plus, I always add a good splash of flavored seltzer water to stretch the drink. I figure it will count as a serving of fruit too! ;)

    Tomorrow I want to hit up the farmers market for lots of fresh produce. DH and I are going to the gym together after. 

    I'm planning our meals for the weekend, so we aren't tempted to order pizza. DH wants steaks on Sunday, and I know it's high in protein and iron... but also so high in calories! I feel like I can only have a tiny piece w/out blowing my calories for the day. So, I think I'll buy a big lean piece of sirloin and just have a little... then grill up some shrimp kabobs and lots of veggies too. That way DH gets his red meat fix!

    We have a baptism to go to Sunday, and a lunch afterwards. Just hoping for some healthy options... parties are always tough... if there is a yummy dip I sometimes can't help myself! But I plan on eating a good breakfast before, and bringing some almonds or something healthy to snack on if needed.

    Have a HEALTHY weekend... remember, Monday is "check-in/weigh-in" day! 

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    I think I blew most of my extra points for the week on Wednesday night, and my body is still mad at me for it. So, the next couple days I'm going to be a good girl about eating and staying within my daily points to hopefully save myself for the week. Dinner is actually my downfall, so I'm going to have to plan carefully while still pleasing DH and DS. Because I do my weigh-ins on Sundays, I'm forced to really think about what I eat and not go overboard like I normally do on Friday and Saturday.

    Made the yummiest dinner last night. I got a bag of frozen uncooked shrimp and thawed them, then marinated them for a few minutes in olive oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, salt and pepper. While they were sitting, I cut up chunks of eggplant, mushrooms, onions and with grape tomatoes put them in some olive oil, salt and pepper. Then, I put them in these kabob baskets that my mom had given us a million years ago but had yet to use. DH cooked them all up on the grill, and then I tossed everything with angel hair pasta, olive oil and more chopped garlic.

  • We had steak last night!! But I bought the "perfect serving" sized strip steak from Wegmans - they are thinner and just had a little fat on them. But I did eat the whole piece :( With it I had grilled green and red peppers, mushrooms and onions. So overall I'm sure it wasn't toooo bad, esp considering I ate very light during the day and worked out.

    We are going out shopping later - and we typically grab something to-go for dinner...but there really is nothing healthy. I do like the salads at RedRobin - the cobb without bacon and blue cheese crumbles would probably be pretty healthy..hmmm...

    Weekends are so bad for me because with DH here I have the extra time to make a meal. Weekdays are tougher because I feel more stressed and pressed for time so I like quicker things and I like to emotionally eat after the kids go to bed :)

    I'm doing good with the exercising so far (it's only been two days, haha) but I did a 60 minute treadmill time for about 320 calories and then a 40 minute treadmill time for about 240 calories. I'm not running too much - just a couple of minutes every 10 minutes or so - but I think I'm walking fast enough to make a difference and it's a lot better than sitting on the couch having lunch and watching crappy TV!!

    DH wanted to take the kids to Marine Land this weekend (whaaa?? not sure where he got that from :) But it would be nice to get them out somewhere...maybe the zoo I guess. Or maybe we could check out crystal beach.

    My weekend motto will be "water, water, water, water, water!!!"


  • Good post! Summer weekends are soo hard. We got a new firepit- thingy so our house has become the "hangout spot" for my siblings and their SOs which is great except it means every weekend is beer & smores. Then we have Sunday Funday at my inlaws pool every Sunday- Huge bbq and swimming. I just try to drink tons of water and eat light at home. At BBQs I take really small portions b/c I think it's embarrassing to be "that" fat chick who goes up for seconds, so I know I won't.
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  • Mmmmmm.......s'mores...
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    image Telyco:

    Yeah, it's killing me not to grab the makings for it when I stop at the grocery store later. Tonight would be an awesome night to fire up our pit.

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