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Our trip is 3 months away. I want to have a good first aid kit for the kids.  I have bandaids, neosporin, acetaminophen, solorcaine, gas medicine.  with them being so young they can't take a lot. I am going to ask the dr what to take in case they do get  a stomach bug.  That is what I am the most worried about.  What else should we take?

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  • benadryl.  And I like the little wipes that you can use for scrapes and stuff..

    I think usually with a stomach bug though its best to let it just run its course and not give a whole lot for it. Just keeping them hydrated.. not sure if you could bring pedialyte or something. 

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  • Motrin/Tylenol, Pedialyte, some type of teething stuff (whatever you use), maybe some aloe or solorcaine or some type of sunburn relief that is ok for kids..

  • I would throw in some of those pedialyte packets that you mix with water.  They don't take up much space and I always have them in the medicine bag I bring to my Mom's when we visit.
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  • I 2nd those pedialyte packets. When Justin got the stomach bug on our cruise (well riiiight after) the only thing his Dr said was to keep hydrated. Tons and tons of water. Bland diet.

    The only other thing I can think of- which I think you'd have anyways is to have a bottle of water w. you at the beach always. Justin was 14mths on our cruise and he got sand in his eyes/mouth all.the.time.

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